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Product Review: Weed Wipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Product Review: Weed Wipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the Weed Wipes deluxe cleaning kit.

Weed Wipes at a Glance

Product type:
Cleaning kit for dirty glass

Manufacturer: Weed Wipes

Price: $34.99


  • Weed Wipes resin remover (2-oz container)
  • Canna Mags resin scrubbing Kit
  • Double-ended bong brush
  • Pipe brush
  • 2 vape and/or stem brushes

Initial Impressions

The act of cleaning dirty, sticky, and resin-stained glass is a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating act, depending on the size and shape of the glass. It’s a tedious tradition that all cannabis consumers must go through from time to time, which has led to all sorts of cleaning methods and tools (I myself have usually stuck with the classic rubbing alcohol, Epsom salt, and shake techniques).

Thankfully, the folks at Weed Wipes have concocted a natural, plant-based cleaning solution and process that is both easy to follow and very effective. Their deluxe cleaning kit comes with a 2-oz bottle of cleaning solution, a Canna Mags device that’s a nifty way to help clean the tough to reach spots through magnetic cleaning wands, and also four brushes of various sizes for any type of glass you may have. While I found myself primarily using the smaller brushes for a portable e-nail and regular dab rig, I did appreciate that the large bong brush comes double-ended with a smaller and larger brush on each side to handle the different parts of your bong.

Cleaning with Weed Wipes

Cleaning with Weed Wipes
While there are only five easy steps towards cleaning your glass with this product, it’s very important you follow each step in order to get the best results. Straying from the process won’t hurt your glass in any way, but you’ll end up spending a lot more time cleaning and redoing some steps if you go out of turn.

The first piece I decided to clean was the SOURCE Nail that I had recently tested. It’s a very tiny dab rig with some tough to reach spots, so I was a bit skeptical about being able to clean most of it. However, my tune quickly changed when I first started in on the banger portion of the rig. Despite only needing a very small amount of the cleaning solution, I was pleased to find that the banger looked brand new after the final hot water rinse, as if I had never used it.

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I was further impressed when I was able to use the smaller vape brush to easily scrub the concentrate and resin-soaked quartz dab tool and carb cap. After following the steps and some light scrubbing, I was left with a perfectly clean tool and cap. The Weed Wipes solution also completely cleaned a dirty bowl piece a friend had lent to me, leaving it looking brand new by the time I was finished scrubbing it.

Curious about using the Canna Mags device, I figured it would be best used on the inner bubbler portion of the portable rig since the space was too small for any of the brushes to reach.  The Canna Mags tool uses the power of magnetism to allow you to control a magnetized scrubber that can reach those tough spots in your glass. I had a hard time getting the magnetic scrubber itself out of tube, but when I finally got it out and had poured some cleaning solution in I was ready to just drop the scrubber into the small opening of my glass.

Once the Canna Mags was in my glass piece, I was able to control the movement of the scrubber by putting the magnetized end of the tube against the glass, allowing me to move the magnetized scrubber. Because the rig I was working with was very small, I wasn’t able to get everything since even the scrubber was too big for some of the spaces. However, I was still able to get into some spaces that the brush was not able to reach, which had an even greater and noticeable effect on my larger, non-portable dab rig. I was able to really get to those annoying spots with the Canna-Mags that I had previously given up on ever fully cleaning.

Our Verdict

Weed Wipes scrub brush
For all of your cleaning woes, the Weed Wipes cleaning solution really does work extremely well in cleaning your dirty, resin-caked glass as long as you follow the steps. While the kit may be a little pricy at $34.00, you can purchase just the solution off their site if you feel like having a bunch of brushes is a bit too much for what you have. (The Canna Mags can also be purchased separately.)

Although I had some trouble setting up the Canna Mags, which didn’t clean every single small space, I can still see it being a valuable tool for people who have trouble cleaning trickier glass pieces like bubblers. I would say it’s least worth getting a package that involves some of the smaller brushes, as I found those to be incredibly helpful with scrubbing and cleaning almost all of the pieces I tried.

All in all, the Weed Wipes cleaning formula makes cleaning the stickiest, dirtiest glass a breeze. The full cleaning kit itself gives you a nice assortment of tools for whichever types of glass you may have, but I wouldn’t say that all of the brushes are necessary to have depending on the type of glass you own.