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Your Guide to the Perfect Weekend: Moon Cookies, The Rig Stick, and More

Published on March 10, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

My friends, we made it. The long-awaited weekend is here. But two pressing questions remain: How are you going to spend the weekend and which Washington state cannabis products are going to make it the best ever?

The Leafly team (and our industry friends) got together to discuss what our favorites are and how they’ll be enhancing our weekend. Whether you’re planning to kick back at home or get outside (rain or shine), let us help you branch out so you don’t have to take a shot in the dark at some new strains, products, and brands.

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For Your Weekend Gaming Binge

Woman using tablet at home

Product: GaGa Peanut Butter Cups (10mg)

Type: Edible

“I got myself a Nintendo Switch and the new Zelda game this weekend, and I wanted an edible that would basically cryogenically freeze me to my couch, rendering me unaware of my physical form and immerse me fully in the lush grassy fields of Hyrule. These peanut butter cups by GaGa did just that. I was utterly and completely stoned into oblivion for six to eight hours. The filling tasted more like cannabis than peanut butter, but the experience is what matters most to me.” – Bailey, Leafly Editor

Product: The Clear’s Golden Goat

Type:Vape Pen Cartridge

“The Clear’s Golden Goat vape pen from Fweedom Collective tastes fantastic and you don’t have to hit it as often to get super high – meaning more time for my hands to be on the controller while playing Zelda in bed.” – Fermin, Leafly Developer

For Spring Cleaning

woman makes cleaning

Product: Headlight’s Moon Cookies

Type:High-THC Flower, Hybrid

“I tried Moon Cookies flower by Headlight over the weekend. A few puffs in had me motivated to do all the dishes in the sink! A few more puffs and I was motivated to meal plan for the week. I did both and felt happy about it. Moon Cookies: Get your life on track.” – Diana, Leafly Customer Service Specialist

Product: Errl’s Dutch Treat

Type: Dabbable Oil

“Dutch Treat is a must-have sativa-dominant hybrid for concentrate consumers seeking quality terpenes and functional effects. Errl’s Dutch Treat is sweet and pungent, leaving the hallmark ‘dutchy’ flavor spread across the palate. The moderate energy and uplifted mental state make it a perfect companion for cleaning the house, finishing chores, or kicking off the day.” – Jeremiah, Leafly Strain Researcher

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For Fueling Creativity

Photo of paint brushes in a jar

Product: Puffin Farm’s Dancehall

Type:High-CBD Flower, Sativa

“I recommend Puffin Farm’s Dancehall for playing or listening to music. It’s called Dancehall for a reason. It makes it so easy to lock in to the sounds, but since it’s barely got any THC in it, you can stay sharp and remember how your cymbal stand works before you play.“ – Saba, Leafly Software Engineer

Product: Private Reserve’s Pink Cookies

Type:High-THC Flower, Hybrid

“Whether I’m making jewelry, coloring in my adult coloring books, or cutting up pictures for a collage, I’ve found that cannabis always boosts my creativity and makes the activity that much more enjoyable. I tend to prefer hybrids while crafting, since straight sativas can make me anxious. A budtender at Trees Pot Shop recommended a lovely strain, Pink Cookies from Private Reserve, a delightful combination of GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) and Cherry Pie (already two of my favorite hybrids), and it’s the perfect blend for relaxation and concentration. I can focus on my crafting with a soothing calmness that envelops you like a happy hug.” – Lisa, Leafly Editor

For Health & Wellness

Hot Coffee from a French Press

Product: Ethos CBD Tincture (250mg/bottle)

Type: Tincture

“A dropper of this tincture is good with a cup of coffee to curb anxiety before work, at the end of the day to help relax the body before bed, the morning after a party to help with a hangover, or any time you are seeking general anti-inflammatory effects that won’t mess with your head.” – Jeremiah, Leafly Strain Researcher

Product: Craft Elixirs Ginger Grass Syrup (60mg THC/bottle)

Type: Infused Syrup

“I recently tried Craft Elixir’s ginger flavored syrup since they were out of my favorite simple syrup. I think I accidentally found a new favorite. The combination of ginger and THC calms my perma-fussy stomach really well. I can dissolve a micro-dose (<5mg) of the elixir in some hot water and sip it for mild nausea and anxiety relief – all without a detectable high.” – Bailey, Leafly Editor

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For Hiking, Exercise, and Getting Out
Senior man trail hiking in the forest at sunset

Product: The Rig Stick

Type:Portable Dab Pen

“I’m really impressed by The Rig Stick. In my opinion, it’s a way easier method of dabbing on-the-go than a Nectar Collector or small rig. It requires no water but it doesn’t taste or feel like doing a dry dab at all!” – Randi, Budtender

Product: Pioneer Nuggets’ Lodi Dodi

Type:High-THC Flower, Hybrid

“Lodi Dodi by Pioneer Nuggets is my go-to workout strain. A bowl or two before suiting up, and by the time I hit the treadmill my limbs are buzzing with a complementary physical energy. Lodi Dodi adequately hazes my mind alongside these lightening physical effects, allowing the music to transport me into ‘The Zone.’ This strain makes the repetition of running in place significantly more enjoyable, and its physical effects seem to improve my overall endurance.” – Jeremiah, Leafly Strain Researcher

Product: Headlight’s GG4

Type:Vape Pen Cartridge

“Headlight’s GG vape cartridge is great for a busy weekend. Simple and potent dosing make it easy to dial in your effects and its flavor profile stays true to the flower. A couple puffs create an uplifting, focused buzz, perfect before a workout. The pungent, piney flavors will draw you back, and after a few more puffs it’s time to curl up with a good book or the latest episodes of Planet Earth.” – Will, Leafly Digital Content Producer

What’s the weekend have in store for you? Let us know what we should check out next!

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