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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

About this product

The effects of Girl Scout Cookies come on fast and strong, bringing satisfaction and relief in equal measure. It's popular as both a recreational and medicinal cultivar, and brings a soaring high that may also alleviate stress, poor appetite and insomnia. What's more, it teases the tastebuds with a sweet, earthy essence. These benefits are not GSC's only advantages. These feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are a joy to cultivate and produce a plant with a sturdy Indica structure and commendable yield. With this plant growing in the garden, it's easier than ever to get a hefty stockpile of delicious herb. The top-shelf Girl Scout Cookies has a reputation that goes beyond its Golden State roots. A blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison, this hybrid plant proudly represents its parentage with a deliciously sweet and earthy essence. That said, the real treat with this cultivar is the high THC level, which averages around 22%. Such a massive THC load launches a euphoric rocket into a time-bending and mind-warping cerebral vacuum. At the same time, it brings full-body relaxation that's said to give a strong dose of relief for health concerns such as physical pain, nausea and appetite loss. All those desirable effects are safely wrapped up in Girl Scout Cookies' crystal-coated buds, which can be acquired in significant quantities thanks to these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. They are uncomplicated to raise and require only intermediate gardening skills. Even better, they're guaranteed to grow into female plants that bear glimmering, THC-loaded flowers. Growing Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds Of classic Indica structure, growing Girl Scout Cookies produces a medium-sized plant with plenty of robust branches, all covered in vivid, green foliage. The small but dense buds display a thick coating of sticky, glistening resin. When exposed to cooler conditions during lights off hours, it takes on a majestic purple hue. Throughout the flowering stage, it's advisable to prune the lower fan leaves so most of the energy goes to the numerous bud sites. Also, due to the plant's prominent OG genetics, it requires generous amounts of calcium and magnesium for nourishment. When these nutrients are in short supply, stalled growth and signs of deficiency can occur. Girl Scout Cookies prospers in soil and hydroponic systems styled in a Sea of Green setup. It also prefers a warm environment with low humidity. For the cultivar to thrive in a controlled setting, keep the temperature at 68 to 79°F. The plant is ready for harvest after 8 to 10 weeks of budding and can produce yields of up to 1.6 ounces per square foot. Meanwhile, when planning to grow outdoors, bear in mind GSC flourishes in mild and dry locations with a Mediterranean-like climate. Its Indica genes help it to endure temperature fluctuations but it must be sheltered from rain and mist to avoid attracting mold and other pathogens. Come mid-October in the northern hemisphere or April in southern regions, each plant can produce up to 17.6 ounces. Fragrance and Flavor Girl Scout Cookies is a jar of surprises. It has a predominantly earthy fragrance with enticing notes of sweet vanilla, almonds and a hint of spicy warmth. Unexpectedly, it tastes fruitier than it smells. It has a sweet, cherry flavor with a squeeze of lemon, a dash of mint and a sprinkle of sawdust. Together, these elements create a sublime experience that makes going in for seconds well worth it. Effects GSC is a commanding cultivar that can possess up to 28% THC, so do not be fooled into letting its confectionery-like delectability convince you otherwise. Nevertheless, it has an assortment of different effects that are both pleasurable and beneficial. The cultivar brings mind-bending euphoria that helps those who smoke it ride an uplifting wave, providing a positive and optimistic take on life that works wonders on the mood. Soon afterwards, a burst of invigoration arrives, bringing fits of giggles and encouraging sociability and creative thinking. It's likely to cause an extreme case of the munchies, making it a great cultivar to smoke before a hearty meal. At around the same time as the cerebral effects take hold, a deep, warm sense of relaxation starts with a tingling sensation enveloping the body. It's potentially couch-locking even after a few hits, and it makes physical activity almost impossible. That said, this limb-melting feature is one of its primary selling points as it helps users to crash out after a tiring day. Regardless of the amount taken, long hours of shut-eye are likely to be in store at the end of every session.

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