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Pineapple Chunk

great smell and taste, smell wise the pineapple and skunk are dominant with skunk being the first thing I smelled when grinding some up. taste wise I really get the cheese taste as strongest with hints of pineapple, no skunk in the taste for me. high is rock solid, not gg#4 good but very relaxed and happy. personally though I wouldn't describe it as euphoric. melts all my anxiety and stress away after the first toke though.

Sensi Star

very relaxing, buzzing from head to toe, super giggly, calm with 0 anxiety. mine was 19% thca and 1.5% thc, .1% cbg

The Green Solution - Southgate Pl @ Pueblo

great weed, glad I listened to my budtender and went with their strain "Ooh Walla Walla". Just lit some up and wow man, great stuff for the price! Staff were friendly, atmosphere was very nice, no complaints from this guy.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Casa Humboldt cultivated the 3.5g of this that I got from Kushagram here in OC and absolutly tip my hat to them. New favorite strain finally replacing my GG(typically #4 though I've had some amazing other 'Glue' strains that came very close) a perfect relaxing body high that is centered at the very base of your skull just above where it meets the spinal cord. Radiating feels of relaxation and giddy contentness that doesn't cross into euphoria and that's okay emit from the spot on the base of the skull. All the way down your arms and legs even, slowly growing weaker the further it gets from the it's origin. Which is also okay as even the tippest tip of your toes will still get enough to set them into deep relaxation. Then there is also just an ounce of creativeness that, if I let myself, I can easily get lost into my thoughts while my body slowly relaxes into sleep. However, after first partaking in some especially, it can also be great for getting lost into a tv show, movie, video game, or even just cat videos on YouTube. Personally I prefer watching or playing something that will make me think, not necessarily stimulate me, but just stuff to ponder while relaxing getting ready for an evening of relaxation. I also find I really enjoy listening to audiobooks while lying in bed with this strain. While it definitely can help me sleep I wouldn't describe it as very strong on that front, I can easily stay up hours after partaking. However I probably would not want to smoke this before/during work, though I think social events (don't smoke and drive people!) would be perfectly fine. Though I'd try the strain first on a lazy evening home because maybe I could see it being too strong for some, even if it isn't for me.


I was lucky enough to have a half oz of this (shout out to Kushagram) and I'd like to start by saying I am not a Sativa person always getting indica/indica dominant hybrids but I couldn't pass on the awesome price (half OZ for 50 I believe it was) and I am very glad I did. This opened the world of sativas for me and I will definitely have to experiment more often (but after a half oz of sativa I was missing my indicas tbh).

Pacific Stone | 805 Glue Hybrid Flower (3.5g)

I got an 8th of this the other day and have been enjoying it immensely. From my understanding it is an indica dominant hybrid (805 + GG#4) and I can definitely feel the GG # 4 roots. A nice clear headed high with heavy body relaxation, with an upliftedness that can cross over to euphoria at times. I have quite a tolerance and when I smoke a bit too much of it I'll get a touch of anxiety that lasts maybe 10 minutes so low toleranced individuals beware and maybe start with a small amount.

Purple Punch

Helps with my strained shoulder, which is a life saver. Taste like pepper with a mix of... lemon? Smells like grape koolaid though, but (at least mine) didn't taste anything like grape. Definitely an evening/night time strain, expect some euphoria mixed with waves of inflammation pain relief. Not gonna knock you into orbit but for a toned relaxing evening it doesn't get much better.

Captain Jack's

Great bud with awesome budtenders. Moved to California from Washington and I must say this has quickly become my go to dispensary.

Blackberry Kush

This one made me cough, but packed a good punch.

Blue Cheese

I've been having major back pain lately, sitting up/or down makes my eyes water with pain. Three hits of this beauty and all my pain was gone. Or well I realized I hadn't felt any pain since smoking it like 30 minutes later but still.