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The Vth LMNT Hillsboro

I passed by on my commute to work, I really went in for the 8dollar gram of white 99 from white label extracts. Unfortunately, they just sold out. Usually I would have walked out feeling like they were pulling the old bate and switch. I assure you this was not the case. My budtender Alex didn't try to upsell me to a crazy expensive item. He instead took the time to ask me my price range and my needs. And on top of it all they honor an industry discount for cannabis workers. I walked out confident that my hard earned dollars were well spent.

Critical Kush

Pretty relaxing. I'm so calm and relaxed at the moment. I have been ripping dabs day in and day out for the past 5 months. In that time, I have slowed down a little with my flower intake. When I saw this flower which tested at 30%thc, I figured I'd give it a go. I hadn't expected much bc I have been dabbing concerntrates that average about 70%thc. But let me tell you this gorgeous, sweet tasting kush threw me for a loop. Every once in a while I get lucky. I have been finding luck not only with strain hopping, but

Obama Kush

solid strain. I have been dabbing concerntrates and inspite of my high tolerance, after two bowls of this and woowee man. Bama Lama dingdong.

Nectar - Beaverton Hall

This spot has something for everyone, and if you stay on your game, you will find what you need at an uneatable price. They just recently had my favorite extract company on sale. I got 5 grams of concerntrates for $60 out the door. That's $12/ gram. It's a wonderful time to be alive. Thanks Nectar

Scott's OG


GM Dispensary

This place never fails to impress me, I have always been a little sketched out about ordering in advance and then just picking it up because I have had bad luck with other dispensaries. it appears that most dispensaries will at some times because you aren't physically there to pick it out, will give you subpar product. I can tell you with Great confidence that this is not the case at Green Mart. No matter how I make my purchase, be it before hand using the Leafly app or as a walk in, I've always have gotten the same quality of product. Bravo to the staff, I have always been treated with a warm friendly vibe the second I walk through the doors. It's always a pleasure to shop here. Always come out feeling completely satisfied that I have received the best product and service for the money I've spent.

Lemonnade - Portland

I have just recently moved to Oregon from NYC and I have been frequenting a few dispensaries closer to my home. However, I was in the area this morning and had to stop in and check it out. I must admit that it is a little smaller than other dispensaries, but they're flower selection is top notch, the Lava Cake is by far one of the better Strains I've had since moving here a month ago. Oh and the selection of concerntrates is off the hook. I had a great experience there, I walked out of there with an 1/8 of Lava Cake and a gram of thc distillate for $68. Quality product without breaking the bank.

Maui Wowie

I picked up a preroll of this from the Green Mart in Beaverton, OR. I honestly had heard great things about this strain for years, so I wanted to see if it would live up to it's name. it tested in at a little under 24%thc, and it did not disappoint. I normally stay away from sativas, but this was an exception. About halfway through the joint I put it out because I was pretty stoned. My stress and anxiety were instantly crushed and my mood was uplifted. I absolutely love this Strain.

Lemon OG

I picked up a gram of lemon og honeycomb recently and I love this Strain. Two dabs of this makes for a pain free day. Delicious to boot.