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Begins with a speedy energy in the chest that’s almost uncomfortable, if it weren’t coupled with such an optimistic mental state. Vision is brighter and colors pop in a satisfying way. There’s a slowness to perception, like being drunk - but, without the confusion. You can feel the weighty, suppressive indica growing more heavy like a cozy blanket, but surprisingly not couch locked or tired. Music sounds nice and expansive, but totally numbed out emotionally. Not exciting or thrilling, so would really not recommend for music or watching stuff. Works quite well for sexy time. Overall, maybe worth trying once, but there’s a lot out there that’s better.


It’s a creeper, not very noticeable in its come on, but continues to build. Mostly felt in the forehead, like the strain Headband. There’s a wide-eyed brightness and clear head similar to Jack Herer. Really strong out of body disassociation that makes it feel like you’re in another dimension. Places feel completely different than they used to. The clear head keeps things tranquil and capable. Vision is most accentuated with colors popping and noticeably increased creativity - which goes great with the sativa energy and zen like vibe for making art and working. Occasional pang of anxiety in the gut, but the mellow elements seem to quickly take over. A little too stoney to recommend for socializing. Again, good for working and tamping down stress so you can get stuff done and still absorb what’s happening. Could use a little more mood elevation.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Comes on fast and right to the head. Like turning the “fun switch” on. Happy, optimistic, and playful mental state dominates. Gives you that carefree abandon that drove you as a kid. Lids do feel heavy, they feel like I’d look super stoned. The physical aspect isn’t exactly harmonious with the headspace. It’s extremely relaxing and that does bring a noticeable drag. There’s a clarity of mind like a clear pool amidst an enclosing fur parka hood. Extremely narrow, singular focus that’s enjoyable to stone out to. Seriously, not long after staring at anything before you start to drift into the ether. Music is equally psychedelic - filling a wide range of senses. You get lost and ride along while hearing every detail. Clear and overwhelming. Really good mood elevation without paranoia or anxiety that impressively lasts to the end. Impressively long and pleasant comedown.

Strawberry Cream

One of the most upbeat, happy, and smiley strains I've ever had. VERY clear-minded and transparent. Makes you energetic and feel like a badass at whatever you're doing. Playing an FPS felt like being in an action movie! Fuck yeah! Not much body high. Mild numbness. Vision is really affected. Everything seems oddly distant/narrow. Perfect strain for socializing or keeping you up while watching movies.

Shiva Skunk

"Shiva Kush" - A very disorienting high. Super not with it, but that’s cool thanks to a comforting sense of ease and serenity. A frosty euphoria keeps everything cheery in a mentally light and spacey headspace. Makes you act/feel like a stereotypical stoner...all slow, giggly, and red-eyed. It’s a mind eraser...almost impossible for accomplishing things. Just sit back and zone out to something. Because let me tell you, kushes are amazing at accenting art, but damn this one is extra good! Music is chillingly powerful - cutting right to your core, leaving you speechless. There’s an overriding positivity that actually makes movies less effecting and annoyingly distant. It is one of the most nostalgia-inducing highs I’ve ever encountered. Highly recommended! It’s relentlessly mesmerizing...the slightest thing will arrest your attention and you’ll completely zone out, left wondering what you were even doing in the first place. A deep, faceted high that’s super rewarding for more experienced smokers that can appreciate an entertaining, if rather in-your-face, ride. Strangely not super physical, so not the best choice for sexy time. 2 hours later I was surprised when my friend wanted to re-up because I thought I was still in the thick of it. That goes to show how long lasting the potency of this high is. And it’s all good too because I never got a slump as it declined. Top marks for uplifted attitude and optimistic feels.

The Sauce

Comes on rather suddenly and really lifts you off. The mental state remains calm and cool like a stream. There’s immense sensory accentuation - visually, audibly, out of body - but it all feels like it’s happening from a bit of a distance. That separation is warm and cozy. There’s still an emotional resonance that’s a bit tender and makes art raw and impactful. Music is an absolute trip - one of the best ever...like a rollercoaster riding waves of pleasure while listening to good stuff. The Gorilla Glue in it has the same racy, paranoid vibes - so more unsettled on the peak and come down. Perhaps a warning to not do too much...unless you’re zoning to a movie.

Royal Purple Kush

Makes you feel at home in nature. Safely encompassed within it and full of beautiful moments to discover. Elated and soulfully enriching. Really good mood elevation that washes away negativity - in its place, refreshing happiness. Easy and clear to absorb things, but slow to concentrate and accomplish tasks. Not in a frustrating way because it’s so relaxed and carefree. Mind tends to blank out a bit too frequently into absent, zone out mode because the focus is down to a trickle. Physically, head is mildly fuzzy down to the shoulders and tangibly relaxing - like a shoulder massage. Vision is glowy and bright with a nice, wide perspective. Music is rich and deep, feels good and is emotionally moving to get lost in. There’s an odd disconnect when watching things. It’s fun, but feels a bit distant. The feel good nature of the high is so present, I don’t see why it couldn’t earn a 8.5/10.


AKA "Rocstar" / "Roc OG" (by Dime Bag) Comes on quickly. Notice it first in the head, along with cheery mood elevation. It’s fun and euphoric, like being at an amusement park. Even after a shot of espresso, it’s not too racy. Still manages to increase your sense of humor despite having a comforting calm. After over ten experiments, I can unequivocally confirm this strain is a crazy aphrodisiac. Some strains do the opposite by numbing the body and reducing mental connection. This does both with a strong emphasis on the mental side - turning the brain into a far greater erogenous zone than the crotch. Super easy to get turned on and daydream about the hottest stuff. I regularly stock close the 30 different strains and I ran out this super quick because it’s all I wanted to smoke. Makes you feel good, easy to socialize, has no crash - frankly, I’m struggling to find any faults. I suppose it’s not a total goner with tons of mental dissociation.

Ghost OG

Comes on pretty quickly in the head first. The effect is a little visually disorienting, but actually makes decision making and creativity come much easier. Really fun to work on, do chores, or anything tedious. Tamps down your brain so you don’t get bored or annoyed and lets you easily power through whatever needs to be done. Mostly just feel cloudy in the head with mild mood elevation in the background and really not much, if any, physical high. Music is actually quite revelatory. It’s exciting, with each development catching you off guard while the overall sound quality is highly increased. It works well for watching stuff, too.

Crazy Glue

A indica heavy hybrid that’s first felt in the head and face. Mind becomes cloudy and bewildered, but euphoric and uplifted. Considerable numb/gone-ness gradually takes over more than half. Makes it feel heavy and suppressive even though the mind’s ability to function is refreshingly uninhibited. Strong couch lock, so not conducive to physical activity or chores. Emotional state stays in tact, making it excellent for connecting with movies and music, though there is a risk of zoning out and sleepiness. Even though there’s good mood elevation, its mellowness is just a bit stronger and gives the high a somewhat negative bent. It’s easy to overlook, just more annoying than anything. 6 out of 10. Does some things well, but side effects make it a mixed bag.