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Amnesia Dispensary & Accessories (Med + Rec)

This is my fave dispensary! They have always amazing stuff every time I go I am always stoked and surprised by their prices and menus especially their 1g carts. I don't normally rave about places since my respect can't be bought it has to be earned for a long time everyone that has taken my card and id since I am Medicle has always been met with kindness and great recomendations not just trying to push the strains that aren't selling. Bought some peanut butter breath thats above 25%! I need heavy strains for my stomach and mental health. This shop is dope I high recommend this place!

Fire Diesel

In the very begining I made a roster and since then I have updated and tweaked it to fit my needs there is one flavor I wish they added which is "Grassy" As the smell and flavor this strain smells of fresh grass diesel chemical and very herbal like but when you crack it open all the tight round buds about the size of a quarter the dispensary I got this from was TOP CROP 3.5 grams pre packed weighing in on the percent % is 28.57 Tested by Argon Labs. Theres a massive nugget I wanna say its structure is that of a Christmas tree and small Christmas like packages rounded buds attached to the middle but it is covered in pistols and the calyx's are totally coated in these terpenes and not to mention a nice crack sound when I pop them open nicely cured I wanna say from my growing experience that grassy smell usually means that its not entirely cured just yet. Most Dispensaries use the 2-4 weeks of curing method before it's released to retailers. I have been growing for a little over 4 years now and the longer you cure it brings out some of the most unbelievable smell taste and effect. Got this Skunk #1 I cured over the course of 6 months and it went from pine and grassy to coke a cola it's beyond understanding how it changes, but it was sooooo delicious I highly recommend if you get your fave nuggets from a dispensary get enough to hold you for now and put the rest in a jar with a budu moist packet that gets up to 62% humidity in the jar 70's F for temp or if you're in the uk that would be like I think 22 Centigrade. Put them in a mason jar air for 5-10 minutes every 4 hours so moisture doesn't build up and do that for a couple months and you will notice the change. Most uncured cannabis causes headaches paranoia and heavy nausea, so if you have problems then it just needs to cured longer and look at your medicine with a 250x scope to make sure no bugs on it either. This is very clean and lets get to the review right? Here's the New roster Date & Time: 11/17/23 115454pm Type:S Temp:R aka 190 C Cartridges?: No Strain Structure: Heavily Compact Tight Bright Green leafs with orange pistols, bright calyx's that line the outer edges like bubble lights on a Christmas tree just a massive mini cola! Strain Taste/Flavor: Chemical Grassy Strain Smell: Super Chemicals Strain Strength: Medium Heavy Dank Strain Lineage: White fire og x Original Diesel %: 28.57 Dispensary: Top Crop Patients/People:Me/ Myself/ Thyself Mood: Good just sore from working on the house for 3.5 hours Am I In Pain or In Outer-sorts: Feet a little sore Watching/Listening to/ Doing?: Ineffible skies by parquet 2017 album Wake/Nap/Sleep Time Prediction: at 8am it’s 11:31:54pm right now writing this review //*(aka notes): Extra/Edible/Drink: RC cola Effect: energizing creative pulled me out of my funk n rut and made some great progress today went for a walk, and also made some delicious food. If you want the roster here it is for those that want the best copy and paste: Date & Time: Type: Temp: Cartridges?: Strain Structure: Strain Taste/Flavor: Strain Smell: Strain Strength: Strain Lineage: Dispensary: Patients/People: Mood: Am I In Pain or In Outer-sorts: Watching/Listening to/ Doing?: Wake/Nap/Sleep Time Prediction: //*: Extra/Edible/Drink: Effect: Helps with: if you are in a funk or rut and can't get anything done this helps flip the table for me, it helped with appetite and also kept me focused creative and pain/stress free made me energized when ive been fatigued for weeks its dry so bring some drink tastes chemical but good, also helps with uncertainty I suffer from a lot and this helps with all that including bouts of sadness or intrusive thoughts. good vibes all around :P - Chill_Panda

Red Velvet

I haven't done a review in ages and my roster has changed to 2.0 The Packaging: Got this from Dreamz The label states the line "please consume responsibly" It notes the dangers of the smoke and how old you must be to consume it. While it came in a black colored pop top container from a new recreational store since NM is now legal. It really doesn't have the name of the strain on the label. I am glad I was there to chat up the bud tender and memorize the name percent and where it came from. I would like to see more info of the strain, warning and a better child proof container I am not a parent, but it needs to be better. 2/5. The Bud Structure & Trim: Its a pretty bulky nug looks sugar coated lightly not dank looking, kind of lumpy n bumpy and round top, its pretty tight not whispy at all. The Vape: I use a turkey bag that i custom make with masking tape because when i need my medicine I usually do about 500-600 vape hits its micro dosing I swear it out does dabs. Its pretty light doesn't stay and linger like some kush's. The Taste: It's fruity in the beginning and during the middle gets a little chemical and at the end spicy definitely bring a slight sugar drink. The Effects: I am mellow focused and a little sleepy definitely however I am focused this strain for sure really mellows me out. The treatment. I would suggest those that like a calm attitude but can stay on topic. I am writing this medicated right now its a heavy hitter for such a floral smelling cannabis. The Review: It's a medium to heavy strain its mellow smell will fool you and hit you like a brick from dewy's purse in Malcolm in the middle. It comes in waves so there will be a period of times to move. Cons: Dry mouth, Pressure behind the eyes like they are a bit squeezed. Some dizzying. I would rate this 3 out of 5. What I would like to see, is this strain to be better cured and to flush it before it's ready to go, a lot of newbie growers don't flush their plants before harvest at least a few weeks out too. I can taste some of the chemical fertilizer they used which is the chemical taste in the middle. Proper cure and better techniques don't carry anything bad at all in the taste. Over all this bud if you can get it right is a nice mellow one for sure reminds me of a lighter version of g13xhaze. I would also like to see more child proof containers because this container can be easily opened.

Scooby Snacks

Hey everyone it’s been a while simply because life and my goals have been in my cue. That and a few tradigies. Found this to help with a lot of the depression lately. Though almost everything has been good, I’ll be doing a review site by the end of this month, on with the review! The Look & Bud Structure: Lime green and totally dipped in frostiness very dank the bright orange pistols curling on the calyx looks so dank! Lime green foliage also dipped in powdered like sugar! The Smell: SO EARTHY AND TEA LIKE MAN SOOOOOOOOOO EARTHY!!! Earth is hard to come by but it reminds me of the good strong cannabis! The Taste: Floral with a bit of spice and wood at the end, can cough a lot if the percent was higher at 18.71% I also make sure my cannabis runs through a thorough test result. My brother works at a lab and said thc and cannabis helps with cover-19 symptoms, that and argakon and turkytail mushroom helps with breathing already gave my uncle some and recovered from covid-19. Working on other things to help fight the bad/locrian fight. The Ailment: ADHD, Voices, Tinnitus, Hunger and Depression. The Effect: Comes on lightly while relaxes the mind before taking a deeper sedation and arousal effect.

Strawberry Blonde

Yesterday was my birthday so I went around town and got 29 g free as a b-day gift! Over the next couple of reviews; I'll give you my best perspective as the og who made this system, this is the first time I am trying this strain looks promising. The Look & Bud: (It's a 3.5 g bag *g = gram*) Very compact, fresh pushing on this bud there's a little give it's cured nicely. It has a bushy effect, bulbs all around no fox-tailing, it's phat in the middle and top. It's a yellow coat of trichomes, covering orange and pitch black pistols, I wish I could attach pictures this looks amazing extremely dank! *very hard to pull apart I conic sounds happen, snap, and pop! Very sticky! The Smell: Pine like a redwood forest, lemon scent and clean floral, no signs of any myrcene, which is the terpene that describes diesel, skunk and pungent aromas. IMO I've also notice with myrcene if you have asthma it makes it harder to vape and smoke those strains found in most kush's. Taste & Toke: The bag is filling up with vapor, very thick look and medium vapor that doesn't linger for long. Tastes of spicy herbal like the nostalgia of doing an old favorite. An oldie but a goodie. The Effects & Conditions : Like being in a memorable summer party, energizing, clarity with a body calm. Lingers in the lungs for a bit need more than one breath of fresh air. Makes me groove to a song I'm sick of, like being stubborn this breaks down those walls of stress and importance to just groove with the track. Some saturation has increased everything has more vibrance and some tv snow. It makes me feel how life is so astronomical sublime, this perspective is so refreshing. It takes care of some pain, my mental thinking process is –so clean! (*adding emphasis using an em dash on so) The Vote on Great, Sublime, or Iffy as a rating. For my adhd and narrow mindedness has reversed how I feel from a good ok to a very mentally charged YEA! For my schizophrenia it's clear as day! Found a new fave. Bring a beverage as its effect is cotton mouth lol.-Peace and namaste

Ghost OG

The Smell: The Bud Structure & Athetics: Small popcorn nugs, these are very coated head to toe in Trichs & other 400 other cannabinoids have ben strung all across the top caylax down to the flat brushed leafs near the bottom. Darkgreen with pistols of a color I've never seen before! Dark Blackish n purple looking caylaxes not orange, white or even pink! Black Purple Pistols!! The reasons why I look at pistols is, because of trich to mass to me pistols are towers of Trich while leafs will have spacing inbetween near the veins creating a micro gap. I'm a stickler for my medicine, it's been tested by 2 different labs Sceptor labs giving the content of this bud batch at 22.61% Thc 0.47 mg. Why Testing is Important! Although it's been tested by a lab I don't seen anything else passing this test. It just says "Neem" Processed, which is not correct to use just "Neem" There's the mosaic virus that comes from companies using the same tools like R.Greenleaf using the same shears as Medzen caused this outbreak. R.Green leaf and Medzen are amongst my favorite places to buy my clean medicine. After Neem there needs to be E.coli, Pesticides, Mold & Mildew, and Mosaic Virus Tested to be all passed. Neem naturally kills a lot of Mocribials, though I'll correct my 5 star to 3 if I find this to be a bad place to shop from now on. This Ghost OG that I bought from a dispensary known as "Sacred Garden" Baught Jack's Delight in October 17th in 2018 "last year". I Love all of the Jack Kinotypes "if you've been following me see my last post on the difference between Phenotype and Kinotype." The Jack's Delight wasn't a straight Kinotype cross it was made using J13 which is not correct. Must have been J13 Delight, and not Jack's delight, still felt light a super light strain for testing at 20% dispensaries almost never lie about their genetics because there's simply no reason to hide anything... though not saying that's never happened which is why I'm a stickler. I need my medicine to be exact, because it is medicine. I don't take a tums for a headache problem lol! Then again I only use pharmacuticles if I extreamly ill and I haven't been very ill since new years and before that almost never like a decade 2009. Anyways Back to the review I am the first to develop the taste, smell, toke, & structure review system Since 2011 and now everyone including despensaries in Spain Ibiza use my system which is just fantastic! The Smell; At first nothing then tones of coffee with an aroma of fresh dirt like being out in my Vegitable Gardern! The Taste: The Toke & Vapour Bag: As my medicine blows up in a turky bag *I make my own bags* it's prtty thick I can't seen anything behind it indicating a Dank bud! Tasting this vapour: Very earthy n diesel right off the bat, I love my earth it's hard to find here n the desert state of New Mexico dirt dries out the plant to easily so dirt is almost never used without a humidity tent. I love how earthy this is lol love the mother nature earthyness :) Medicinal Effect: It's bringing me rational peaceful zen thoughts to my triggers for schizophrenia (I'm an outliar and a rare case where cannabis helps, instead of contradicts. I also think that cbd helps more than thc for those who can not establish rules n gates. ET *Explained Thought*: The gates represent barriers or rules that should never be broken in a psycological way I create a frame of mind to house my memories, emotions, and other feelings. For the non-outliars the rule sticks after a few times for me that barrier is to the ^8th power. When we draw attention to our voice with speaking out loud, there's a complete difference if you try it seriously. EG: My mind can sometimes be a warzone of the worst kind, an enemy that knows you, and lives in you; knows your best offence, and most gulliable manipulational techniques, just to develop new armor and slay that dragon and save that Princess Alice! I've had to fight since I turned 15 *late bloomer* and although I almost never got time to mingle with other people due to my solitude and disabillities over the years after school n college into grad school now I have figured out how to mange my self with cannabis when I've taken too much thc or cannabinoids and terpines don't align correctly freakout can happen. There's my cbd only vape pen for the antidote. If you've taken an edible thats too much take double the cbd only edible to counter that method. Side Effects: A little dizzy n mega dry mouth they weren't kidding though gotta say this worked like a charm!

Rug Burn OG

Dude!!!! Got the last 2 grams! Rug Burn What a lovely psychedelic strain, one of the very first strains I got stoned with six years ago. I haven't seen it since, however I remember how well this worked for me. Grab a drink other than water, Juice, coffee, lemonade, peppermint hot cocoa, Grape drank, ginger ale, Moxie, Coke, Pepsi, RC, something refreshing! Bud Structure: Mossy dark green hiding like a ninja with Orange hairs rippling everywhere! Comes to a foxtail point and covered in frosted THC all over those calyxes like purple on a fur blanket or powdered sugar on crepes super dank! Sticky fingers even when putting into the grinder have a hard time grinding this baby! The Smell: Punches you in the face with musky pungent tones of wood and tobacco. I am not finding any citrus in this at all, with most sativas I run into a lot of bright green and grassy flavors this is just the opposit a little dusty smelling too, gave me a sneeze or too lol! The Brew & Toke: In my vaporizor I have clear glass and it went from dark green to brown and now to white and yellow, I haven't viewed this up close and personal this is going to be very interesting not too thick of a bag kind of thin, but not much was put in only a little pinch and wow looks great! The Taste: Very woody flavors kind of earthy, hints of sage here in there amongst the dank flavors of fresh tar. The Effects: Lots of uphoria right away and I feel really relaxed my joints and my brain melt into one I feel very spiritually enlightened when I hit this. I dig how well this handles my mental and physical pain. I can relax and it takes away my anxiety, my eyes are relaxed and I drift into a nice daydream and if I am listening to music it makes me shake my butt. Love Rugburn for it's golden summer memory like feeling oh how I have missed you! Helps with Pain Mental & Physical, Nausea, GI, ADHD can stay focused while medicating in the other hand, I feel weightless if you have a hard time with the legs feeling like a million pounds and of course Depression! \Side note: I haven't seen this terp before called "Farnesene" Lets see it's to have anti-inflammatory, calming, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and sedative effects. Neat!




A Very Loud Strain! The Smell: Very pungent leaks through the bottle it's perfect when popping the top it explodes with that very pungent aroma, if you like the smell of gasoline you'll like this smell :3. The Bud Structure: Fox Tails toward the top with Amber orange pistols wrapping itself around the mega dank and I am talking more than sugar coated and rolled in I am talking if you got powederd sugard and covered it's microscopic calyx's are stunning at 29.7%! The Vape & Brew: *It's been very cold this winter so my vapor has been poor on heavy duty strains like blackberry dream and custom strains like og x pineapple x cookies n chem, and hash passion which I am very surprised it's not on leafly it's a morroccan landrace strain that tastes like the sweetest thing ever ultra smooth more than vanilla kush! If you in ABQ stop by grassroots rx they have it and the original legendary G-13!* Biohazard Vape= , Extreamly thick Oh My God!! it's very foggy can barely see through it yes! The Taste: Pungent, wood not diesel little skunky but has a spicy herbal smooth after taste but backlash whith hints of grass or tar hit at the end tail super interesting bring a drink helps tremendious with lots of cotton mouth almost nothing for the eyes yet though a little harsh on the lungs if you have asthma beverage helps there too!. The Effects & Medical Treatments: It's a creeper Slightly stars with the light making it trail like your arms and everything that moves has multiple layers like the buddha statue with multiple arms moving or syncronized one diver for positions. The best to describe it is having your arms lag behind in slow motion to where you see trasparent copies of you like the old 1995 mouse feature found in setting for your pc mouse cursor, I use pc & Mac I have only found in pc not in newer versions of Mac. Anyways very bright light helps me keep on focused even through legenthy examples I try to give my best real world breakdowns instead of just good. Whats good about it? I Recommend this for Glaucoma really helps with the eyes, ADHD for the randomness though not being completely thrown off. Relaxes the mind and speeds up thought processes very very creative if you need inspiration for staying focus while being uplifted this is great! Got purple sweet potatoes in the oven and set a timer remembering to set the timer when i am this low 15% human geek with a hamster hat on with a beard battery power left. lol Great for pain really helps me not even feel it. Wish the website had a photo uploader for desktop pictures these lady buds are fabulous! I am seriously impressed with how well this strain works for keeping me in the game! Well done I also reccomend those that want something to make the world sort of new and motivates you you need this one give it 3 hits not 2. Cliff notes: Dry eyes and max dry mouth a little headache and dizzy but thats it on negatives bring a heavy drink *not soda* juice tea or reverse osmosis water the fizz will make you cough more if you also have asthma. Great for alzheimers might run in our family, and helps with tourrets and anger management can't tell you how high my blood pressure gets everyday from sitting. Its ok because I too am at fault for creating messes with my pans and I clean up 80% of the kitchen counter tops garbage out, dishes put away microwave clean pans cleaned drying rack dishes put away stink cleaned up smells like rotten meat it's the pipes. solution strong essential oils I have aches n pains which masks it because its potent and you can feel good at the sink too lol and cleared of dishes and if I have time mop and sweep the floors and clean off electric stove top off and vaccume too nooks n crannies with my vacuums I am very sharp because chemdawg parents and chemdawg 91 help with my old ants schizophrenia. To put things in perspective watch the anderson cooper special on that and combine it with a way to erase you from your favorite memories it's more like an alienating diesease to me, living lucid nightmares. I am a very tough individual but soft like gum :3 too much greatness to be negative :3

Mango Tango

The Toke & Vape: Looked pretty thin for a tested 28% upon inhale, theres fruit, and flower, when exhaling i am hit with a punch of diesel toward the tail end. Bud structure & Look: Very small some about the size of a dime popcorn buds. Smell: Fruity with floral and skunk undertones. Very fluffy when squeezed that release really nice strawberry and plum lime terpenes. The Effect & Cause: I notice it captures the light and makes it more intense, there's some confusing patterns with this, I can think, I feel relaxed with a hint of anxious in a way that makes me motivated rather than being in a panic state of mind. Side Effects: Dry mouth after the 7th toke a great cure for intense cotton mouth is a popsicle its all water sugar and juice or if you're on a paleo diet kind of the "Nu hipster trend diet now" You can use just cucumber pops with lime ginger and a little club soda if you can seal tight these pops they will have a little kick! Seltzer water works even better, however becareful of pressurizing the pops plastic wrap will do just fine or if you're from the uk "cling wrap" I'm more of an old school metaphysical guy vegitarian with coconut beatnic crystal method gothic punk lifestyle trying to be a humble honest wise musical man. As busy as I am I am always trying something new leafly just doesn't have a large enough database yet. I am the lead reviewer of medicine in Albuquerque, NM as a paitent. I know what's going on and which strains are new and where the best deals and prices are, over the years alone I could of made a payment towards a good used car in the teens. I am also a very experienced wellness taker, In other words of TL;DR: ----- Its a great green looking bud that seems very dank rolled in sugar super dank, thin vape heavy hit great relaxer for pain, glaucoma, ptsd, cachexia, high metabolism anorexia, I would also recomend this for those that just need that extra "fun-ness" to comeback I guess nestalgia and when you seriously just feel happy and need to feel some type of way on a vacation. Definitly third eye opening reminds me of a little chemdawg-ish with vintage diesel an indica old world kinotype that is an indica version of Sour Diesel :D. I know this is a long review however I take my medicine and my state of wellness very seriously. I vaporize my cannabis I have asthma and I know that kush can make me weasy so I know what I am talking about from experience though I try to wish everyone a great day. A kinotype is a phenotype for those that are confused let me save you some time. With this tid bit of info you can impress your friends with. - Lets say that we have two same strains that are "kinotypes" of Haze called Purple Haze. A.Purple Haze #1 & B. Purple Haze #2 Purple Haze 1 could look and smell and have the same look, it could be a different strain. While Purple Haze 2 has the same look and structure and even feel though on a genetic level will be a true identiy of the origin. A kinotype is a phenotype our culture needs to know the correct terms of what a phenotype is. It's like same nike shoe same color same year same stich however theres a different brand name instead of nike, however it's by nike. See what I am saying some places will call a strain that isn't selling a different name so people will buy it more, but it could not be your blue dream you're getting could be brick weed. So yea always look at what you get under a magnifier some places just say they get their medicine tested it doesn't say where on the package. So yea... in other words It's good made me really think there and go on a tangent which is probably a great party starter too.