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Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench

4.3| 88 Reviews

Strain Highlights

A popular strain for sativa-lovers, Allen Wrench presents the best qualities of its parents, Trainwreck and NYC Diesel with crisp flavors of sour fruit. Its aroma has been characterized as sour and flowery, leaving a lingering scent of fruit. Allen Wrench is known to provide users with a long-lasting cerebral high and fill an entire room with its strong essence. The buds have a dark-green color and dark foliage with orange pistils growing out. Allen Wrench also has a 10-11 week flowering time and medium to medium-high THC content.

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Strain Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Strain Data

Parents of Allen Wrench


  • 1. Citrus
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Pungent

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“(Very) Novice smoker here. The first time I smoked Allen Wrench, it was a fat joint that put me into a strange, trippy, dissociative state. It was exceedingly bizarre, and probably won't even sound plausible if I wrote about it here. Anyways, I took a shower, crashed, and was fine the next day. I'll chalk that up to being an inexperienced smoker with a super dank strain. The next time I smoked it, I was sure to smo...”

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“musicslug used the word "jittery" and I can't think of a better word. After a hit or two, I wished I'd started earlier as I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pick up my son from grandma's house! But, after about 45 min to an hour I was able to function ok. So, give it about that much time to peak and you should be ok to get some stuff done! Good for cleaning the house or organizing the home office.”


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