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Blue Magic

4.6| 27 Reviews

What is Blue Magic?

Blue Magic is an upbeat sativa-dominant strain bred from the famous Blue Dream. Its high-energy effects are prefaced by creamy, fruity flavors reminiscent of its Blueberry ancestry. Sativa enthusiasts will appreciate the balance of potency and clarity delivered by Blue Magic, whose euphoria offers functionality and focus despite an impressive THC profile. While its initial punch is quick to hit, Blue Magic’s effects taper down gently and ease you into long-lasting relaxation that extends from the physical exterior to the deep recesses of your mind.

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Blue Magic Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Blue Magic Genetics and Grow Info

Blue Magic Flavors

  • 1. Citrus
  • 2. Lemon
  • 3. Blueberry

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“big dark green fluffy buds. dense, pretty, and a little too dry. fingers got all sticky touching it. it is a blue dream sativa dominant cross with 23.27% THC!!!!! it's one of the highest tested strains ever. sharp, aromatic, fruity smell. i had this strain for almost a week before i got to it. i got a crush on "hog" and "fucking incredible" and forgot i even had this. what a mistake! superbaked with a side of munchi...”

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“I haven't smoked bud since 2009 so I thought "oh what the hell, one more time for old times sake". Boy let me tell you, it has been 3 weeks since I bought this potent gem and I STILL can't get more than 2 or 3 tokes before I am just baked to the core. It's a creeping buzz and when it hits it's like a real smooth, warm body high. And then i smelled blueberry muffins for the rest of the night. I know i seriously thou...”


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