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Pineapple Fields

4.3| 26 Reviews

What is Pineapple Fields?

Pineapple Fields by Dynasty Seeds is an extremely odoriferous hybrid cross with a long lineage and even longer lasting effects. By crossing Kali Snapple (Snow Bud/Pineapple x Pre-2K Kali Mist) and Ms. Universe #10, Dynasty Seeds achieves a strain with a sweet terpene profile and energizing, clear-headed attributes. Known to produce a good yield over its 9-10 week grow cycle, Pineapple Fields exhibits purple leaves and chunky buds despite its sativa dominance. Enjoy Pineapple Fields throughout the day to elevate mood, curb depression, and stimulate motivation.   

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Pineapple Fields Effects and Attributes

Eye Pressure
Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Pineapple Fields Genetics and Grow Info

Pineapple Fields Flavors

  • 1. Citrus
  • 2. Pineapple
  • 3. Sweet

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“• Trying Theraplant's THC-23% Pineapple 🍍 Fields for 3rd time since buying new med 3 days ago. Bud structure is perfect! -aroma, density, moisture, and it's quite an easy smoke. Excellent flavor, altho def more 🍍-aroma than 🍍-taste, & nary a fruity hint at all, which surprises me bc pretty decent (8+) terp-profile. Pretty earthy, smooth flavor, altho this particular strain is pretty generic-tasting, which would pr...”

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“Your typical sativa here. A slightly more active high. This is right on the borderline of " Wake and Bake " strain and " I just wanna get high " strain. It is not as debilitating as most and it's almost light enough to go about your day as normal .... not quite though. The flower smelled very citrus like which is to be expected considering the name. The taste of the flower when smoked is somewhat of a tropical and ...”


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