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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Grape OX.

Grape OX effects

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22 people reported 232 effects
Relaxed 72%
Sleepy 59%
Euphoric 45%
Uplifted 40%
Happy 36%
Stress 63%
Depression 54%
Insomnia 50%
Pain 50%
Anxiety 40%
Dry mouth 31%
Dizzy 9%
Paranoid 9%
Headache 4%


April 5, 2015
I've been a heavy daily smoker for about 7 months ( I treat PTSD and back disc pain with it), I'd been in a bit of a high slump, and wasn't getting the euphoria hardly at all anymore. Two bong hits of this and I literally put my head back and blasted off. It took me to a beautiful place Spiritually, and melted all my back pain away with waves of bliss and comfort. Highly Recommend!
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August 15, 2014
I grew 4 out of 12 they all popped. Had one girl. They were very short very Indica like leave and structure did not get over 4 feet but very thick stalks and had many bud sites at least with nutes I was using And it's has like it says a blueberry skunk on inhale and a sour like grape on exhale real tasty and the medical side its awesome cause it has high CBD and high THC can't ask for anything better..
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February 24, 2016
Loved this strain for my insomnia and PTSD. Good for chronic pain relief and stress.
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October 13, 2014
Amazing strain! Tastes sweet and has a very high THC percentage. Rated 3rd best strain in 2014 in the High Times magazine!!
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November 8, 2014
Hello I'm from herban Legendz we are the farmers responsible for popping the particular pheno of Grape OX that placed best indica at the cannabis cup we've been doing this a long time and this is by far some of the best herb we've ever seen let alone had the privilege to cultivate. You can try it too but don't be fooled by other stores claiming they have the real deal its exclusively at Lindzy's in Flint, MI
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February 10, 2015
Best in class indica, 17 a gram ( steep) but this has given me the best body high ever. Highly recommended for any sort of athletic pain / strain Moderate dose: Powerful, intense, the body high with this one is next level. Charges your body like an angry ox, suddenly hitting you with an extreme body that you will not see coming. Kept me happy and relaxed for a while too 10/10 High dose: Put me to sleep like a baby. Had an amazing day at work and was fully relaxed for days. 10/10 I highly recommend this strain for veterans, this kept knocking me out at high doses. The pinnacle of a body high.
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May 1, 2016
Looks: Darker color than I usually like from concentrates, but given the genetics and how purple the flowers were I guess it's to be expected. Thick sugary goo consistency and was easy to get dabs off the gram. Good clarity as well. Smell: Spicy, sandalwood, grapes, berries, musky coffee smell and sweet almost grassy smell. Very unique. Taste: Low temp tastes like grape ape and a subtle coffee flavor a lot more of the sweet linalool terps I hunt for. High temp was more like a bubba taste but sweeter and more complex and was still smooth despite the size and heat. Clean meds forsure. High: Excellent body high and the genetics can't be beat for indicas. I have a deep love for Blue Moonshine and it is my all time favorite, mix that with Bubba kush, and grape ape.... It is clear headed and deeply narcotic and great for my nausea. Both the flowers and extracts are great from rare dankness seeds, def pick up when you see it. Spread some love today, peace.
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June 25, 2016
Very tasty, berry/grape flavor, smooth uptake + exhale. Definitive stress/pain relief, calm—altho gave only 4 of 5 stars bc lacked any real euphoria..
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