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Sour Tsunami reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Sour Tsunami.

Sour Tsunami effects

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190 people reported 1249 effects
68% of people report feeling relaxed
40% of people report feeling happy
32% of people report feeling focused
30% of people report feeling uplifted
21% of people report feeling euphoric
Dry mouth
13% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
6% of people report feeling dry eyes
3% of people report feeling headache
1% of people report feeling anxious
1% of people report feeling dizzy
41% of people say it helps with pain
37% of people say it helps with stress
35% of people say it helps with anxiety
24% of people say it helps with depression
20% of people say it helps with inflammation


March 16, 2014
My first high-CBD strain. The buds themselves are unimpressive - dull with only a light dusting of resin. But I vaporized one bag and realized the therapeutic beauty of this strain: the pain in my shoulder eased, my focus felt sharp, and there was hardly a buzz in my head, allowing me to think quickly and fully remain functional. Mixing this with a high-THC variety is a completely different feeling - relaxed and yet engaged, happy yet not intoxicated. High anxiety people, you should really be curious about these high CBD strains if only to take the edge off of your THC-heavy ones.
July 14, 2012
Dry eyes
Dry mouth
This is an great CBD strain... ~13%! Great body high... medium head high. Really focused on the news is was watching! Recommend vaping instead of toking, you won't get that heavy body feeling. Great bud... recommend for those with any kind of pain! It's gone in 15 minutes as the body high starts to kick in!
February 15, 2015
This strain got me off 30mg morphone three times a day. The pain relief is effective and lasts as long as a normal high however the inflammation relief if consistently dosed is ongoing. Invest in at least a weeks worth and dose accordingly you will be surprised as I was
December 4, 2015
Boy oh boy is this some potent medicine er whut?! Don't get me wrong, I love a good euphoric, creative Sativa, but this Hybrid has a nice balance. I enjoy the cerebral feeling at first, then it fades into almost a mind numbing sensation with massive effects on pain, that nagging arthritic low back ache. Obliterated, gone. I can't wait to sleep on this one. For those who don't like the super strong THC strains, or strive for a better CBD balance, give this one a try if given the chance.
January 28, 2016
Am I the only one who disagrees that CBD is non-psychoactive and non-euphoric. A while back I tried Sour Tsunami (ST), which is supposed to have very high amounts of CBD and very low, almost non-existent amounts of THC. The despenserie I purchased it from claimed their particular phenotype to have only 1% THC and 17% CBD. To me, there most definitely was a psychoactive and euphoric high. I typically go for sativas and high-THC hybrids and am well familiar with the kinds of highs they can produce. ST provided me with a definite shift in consciousness and physical sensation, completely unlike what I normally would expect from cannabis. The high was no where near as pronounced as normal; definitely subtle, but totally there. The closest analogue I can think of is a low-potency opiod like hydrocodone. I felt drowsy but not sleepy, my limbs feeling floaty and free from gravity, yet my head felt heavy and hard to hold up. I have GAD and had absolutely no anxiety, a distinct calming effect present in my consciousness and subconscioussness. I had a tendency to nod in and out of half-sleep states; this is very common with opiates -- "the nod". I was couch-locked and had no desire to move or be productive (a big negative for me). I have compared to opiods, but I should note that it was far less potent, just definitely noticeable. The couchlock was just as severe, though. Let's not forget the munchies. Definitely a psychoactive effect. It was stronger with this strain than any strain tried before or after. I know my experience is non-scientific, and without testing the chemical contents of the bud myself, I can not say for certain what percentages of cannabinoids it had, but given that CBD -- a compound more potent by weight than THC -- counteracts THC and this strain is supposed to have more THC than CDB, I am fairly certain the effects I noticed were of CBD. I would also point out that my lack of anxiety itself might have seemed to be a high to me, since anxiety is such a constant in my life, but it was definitely different from "sober" so I count that as a high. I'm just one person, but I'd love to know if there are others with similar experiences.
December 8, 2013
Haven't ever tried a strain quite like this one.. it's high CBD content and lower THC made me feel as though I was not stoned but noticed clarity of mind to where I could get my morning started.
August 13, 2016
I have Ankylosing spondylitis which comes with severe spine and joint pain. Due to neck involvement, I get horrific cervical headaches, and this high CBD strain is the first time in years I've been pain free. A few hits of this and I'm absolutely free of pain, but have a perfectly clear head and feel entirely sober. It's bliss. For someone who hasn't experienced freedom from severe unrelenting pain in years, to have a couple of hours pain free is the best gift in the world. I'll be keeping this on hand at all times from now on.
March 30, 2014
I just got a gram of sour tsunami flake from a local dispensary I enjoy frequenting. It was produced by caviar kings who is a company I have never heard of before. So, let's break into it and find out what caviar kings are all about. As flake goes it was a nice light creamy gold with a decent smell. I say decent because I could tell they had used a slightly lower quality butane to separate the hash from the buds by the slightest faint odor of sulfur. You almost can't smell it until someone points it out. Outside of the concentrate quality, which I would give a 4 out of 5, the high was pretty much what i expected from hash derived of a plant with 15% CBD and 5% THC. I was told this made the bho have a ratio of 75% CBD and 20ish% THC. The high is pretty focused if any in the head and extremely relaxed in the body. All of my pain is gone after the first dab. However, even after dabs #2, 3 and 4 there is very little difference in my mood. No stoney feeling. No hazy feeling. Just zero pain. After about 45 minutes, a nice nap-time feeling comes on. However, this passes after 20 or so minutes and isn't as commanding as other "sleepy" highs. If that's the effect you desire then this girl is for you. As far as flavor goes I would score her at at 3.7 out of 5. Not bad sour and diesel flavor. There is a hint of tropical sweetness and that is what brings sativa fans back for more dabs.
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