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Wholesome. Natural. Healing.

Our story

Grow West is a Maryland-owned cannabis company serving the Maryland medical and adult-use cannabis market. Our mission is to grow wholesome, natural, and healing plants and connect people with the power of plants.

In the mountains of Maryland, Grow West has combined art, craft, and science to grow pure and natural cannabis. We are a community-centered company that restored a 200,000-square-foot iconic factory in Cumberland, MD.

We cultivate our plants without pesticides and harsh chemicals. We believe in pest control done with the help of natural chemical-free solutions, ladybugs, beneficial insects, and mycorrhizae in the soil. We can utilize the synergy and symbiotic relationship of nature to grow all-natural cannabis.

Using a technique of micropropagation, we clone our mother plants to keep genetics true to their original phenotypes with exceptional terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Through our team of propagation experts, our plants are carefully nurtured during infancy.

At Grow West, sustainability and natural practices are at the heart of what we do from our grow to your home! We use environmentally friendly technologies, including tin and cardboard packaging and wind energy, to minimize our environmental impact.

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