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Dogwalker OG is an interesting Indica-dominant strain of cannabis with unknown origins. Although no one knows the original breeder behind this strain of cannabis, the community seems set on the fact that this strain is a cross between Albert Walker and Chemdawg 91. Smokers who find themselves looking for a powerful, long-lasting high often gravitate towards this strain. However, this strain should be used cautiously by beginners, as the incredibly high average THC level for this strain is 25%, which makes it quite the potent powerhouse.

Usually, strains get their names from their breeders, based on a unique quality of the flower or a combination of the names of the parent strains. Although we don’t know who the breeder behind this strain was, we can safely assume how they got the name Dogwalker OG.The aroma of this bud is quite pungent, and can often only be described as “wet dog.” It is likely that whoever had first crossed this strain smelled it and immediately thought up the name. This damp, earthy scent will quickly spread to the far reaches of your place as soon as you crack open the jar of bud. Although on paper this might not sound appealing, many have noted that this strain becomes an acquired taste, with nothing else hitting quite right after trying Dogwalker OG.

Most find themselves smoking Dogwalker OG in the afternoon or evening, as the powerful Indica effects have been known to leave individuals sleepy and stoned. The high begins with a light body buzz that builds into an almost cacophonous drum line in your muscles. With this buzz comes intense waves of relaxation that will calm any hint of stress or pain. While your body is firmly rooted in place and being relaxed from head to toe, your mind will be free to expand rapidly. Many have reported Sativa effects such as intense focus and creative energy also coming in strong following the body buzz. Towards the downturn of this high, you’ll likely feel sluggish and sedated, and without enough willpower, you might end up sleeping on the sofa. Medical cannabis patients suffering from insomnia might find the relief they seek in this strain.

About this strain

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