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Blue Persuasion

4.1| 8 Reviews

What is Blue Persuasion?

Blue Persuasion is the first of a Signature Series by BUDS Pasco, an indoor hydroponic farm in Washington. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain composed of Blueberry, Northern Lights, and White Widow genetics. From Blueberry, Blue Persuasion inherits sweet berry flavors, relaxing and long-lasting euphoria, and a high THC potential. Its Northern Lights parent is cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth, while White Widow contributes a tendency for heavy resin production and balanced hybrid effects. With a THC content that can stretch to 26%, Blue Persuasion is best saved for late night relaxation and introspection.

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Blue Persuasion Effects and Attributes


Blue Persuasion Genetics and Grow Info

Blue Persuasion Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Blueberry
  • 3. Berry

Review Highlights

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“this strain is very nice, had it once and back for more. it's 60/40 indica but not one to make me sleep. chills out reality, it doesn't escape it. so far I'm very impressed with BUDS Pasco”

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“Taste is amazing, the berry in mine was really predominant. Frosty nugs snow'd keif in the grinder and was really happy with the look and smell overall. Mine seemed heavy on the indica side but really put a smile on my face nonetheless as the anxiety melted away and comfort washed over my body. Quite potent certainly not panic inducing, had the urge to talk a lot. Focused high as well, clear and not spacey.”


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