Captain's Cake

Captain's Cake

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Captain’s Cake by The Captain’s Connection is a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG. With bright citrus terpenes on the nose and palate, and a sweet doughy earth aroma, Captain’s Cake is a crowd-pleaser with enjoyable relaxing effects. This strain is euphoric and easy on the limbs in small doses, but can get rather sedating with heavy consumption. Enjoy the laid-back energy of Captain’s Cake into the evening to set you up for a good night’s rest.  

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Dry Eyes

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  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Berry
  • 3. Earthy

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“If you see Captain's Cake...TRY IT! This unique strain is both beautiful and powerful. A 70/30 indica lean, this strain's sativa shines when smoked in low doses. When smoked in higher doses, this will provide for a cerebral body high (if that makes sense). Last night I cheefed a 1g joint of cake after dinner and felt like it was laced with coke or some crazy sh*t. I was manic almost as if I had taken stimulants. ...”

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“After 15 hours along with 14 gram / gram &a a half blunts, I could honestly say this strains lived up to it's wild name. Definitely a fantastic smoke if your looking to unwind and loosen up while keeping you in the mood to conversate or get a low energy activity going. Personally if I was going to run a marathon on Netflix or break in a new game this strain would be the move.”


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