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Colorado Chem RBX3 {{value}} {{symbol}}Cch {{category}}Hybrid

Colorado Chem RBX3

What is Colorado Chem RBX3?

Bred by Ethos out of Colorado, Colorado Chem RBX3 is a complex cross of ((Chemdog 4 x Chemdog 91) x Chemdog x I-95) x Original Glue. As a tribute to Chemdog, this hybrid sativa will pique anyone’s interest after the initial whiff. Its sour and gassy smells are true to Chemdog, and the plant grows dense and vigorous with significant lateral branching. This strain is beautiful from the garden to the bag and will uplift and invigorate you throughout the day.

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Colorado Chem RBX3 Effects and Attributes

Colorado Chem RBX3 Genetics and Grow Info