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Green Line OG

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What is Green Line OG?

Green Line OG by Cresco Labs is the offspring of Lime Skunk and Ghost OG. Notes of sweet citrus and forest floor fill the nose with a refreshing aroma. Inheriting both the uplifting nature of its Lime Skunk father and the potency of its Ghost OG mother, Green Line OG delivers equal parts mental clarity and physical comfort, offering consumers mood elevation while curbing aches and pain.  


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Green Line OG Effects and Attributes

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Green Line OG Genetics and Grow Info

Green Line OG Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Diesel
  • 3. Lime

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“GLO, is some very good meds if your down and out, will pick you up at the same time you feel great, i suggest daytime use, g.l.o. green line og, should chsnge the name to GLO, good stuff !!!”

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“Truly delightful hybrid. Definitely straddles that 50/50 line but without the sometimes confusing/competing nuances of say a GSC or Kosher Tangie. Rather than feeling the distinct effects of both sativa/indi lineage, the two opposing ends of the spectrum seem to harmonize and even synergize into a very comfortable and unique headspace and state of relaxation. Also absent of that mental haze that sometimes accompanies...”


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