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OG Cheese

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What is OG Cheese?

OG Cheese by GreenLabel Seeds is a sour-smelling hybrid that crosses a potent OG Skunk #1 with the resinous indica Afghani. Together, these two parent a powerfully euphoric strain with a funky aroma somewhat similar to that of cheese. OG Cheese’s dreamy, intoxicating buzz makes it a popular strain for recreational consumers, but commercial growers also cherish this strain for its short flowering cycle and heavy yields. Indoors, OG Cheese finishes flowering in 50 to 60 days while outdoor plants are ready to harvest by mid-October.

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OG Cheese Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

OG Cheese Genetics and Grow Info

OG Cheese Flavors

  • 1. Cheese
  • 2. Woody
  • 3. Earthy

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“Alright, OG cheese is one for the books. It has an earthy taste with an amazing after taste. But some downfalls are the possibility of sore throat, the munchies, blurred vision (may or may not be a negative depending on who you are), and on rare occasions it can cause a headache, dry mouth, and even paranoia. There are positives though! This strain will make you giggly, peaceful, and can even help with foot pain, nec...”

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“Nicknamed Puppies Breath for a reason! one of my all time favorites. tbh if I had to smoke one strain for the rest of my life, this is my go-to”


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