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Royal Chemdawg

4.3| 11 Reviews

What is Royal Chemdawg?

Though this hybrid has some sativa in its lineage, Royal Chemdog is a true indica at heart. A knockout cross between Chemdawg 91 and Deadhead OG, Royal Chemdog provides consumers with a relaxing buzz, if a bit cerebral. Royal has inherited the classic diesel taste of the Chemdawg family, yet features a creamy lemon-lime twist, giving this strain a unique and delicious aroma. First cultivated in Washington State, this strain is a must-try for patients experiencing pain and stress

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Royal Chemdawg Effects and Attributes

Dry Eyes

Royal Chemdawg Genetics and Grow Info

Royal Chemdawg Flavors

  • 1. Diesel
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Strawberry

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“Picked this up from SeaWeed delivery today and I really love it. Firstly, its extremely pungent, I could easily smell it right through the paper bag and ziplock bag it was delivered in. It has a fruity, skunky, diesel-y stench that is pretty amazing. The high is extremely relaxing for the body and mind, and is a good pick for enjoying at night time. I would definitely buy this one again.”

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“Oh toto, I think we're lost! This is some wizard of I'ze overly giggling and suspect to some. It's possible to be mellow, way mellow & awake. Taking on tasks with a breeze and not a worry to be felt for a few hours. Very tasty and powerful. Relaxing but not immobile. Great party starter for sure. A have to try! Enjoy!!!”


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