Supermax OG

Supermax OG

4.9| 35 Reviews

What is Supermax OG?

Supermax OG is a hybrid strain that delivers everything an OG Kush enthusiast cherishes most: fast-acting euphoria that hits like a train alongside an earthy, piney aroma. Its effects tend toward the relaxing indica side of the spectrum with a potency you can see in the thick, sticky blanket of crystal trichomes. With buds that grow both large and dense, commercial growers will appreciate the hefty yields that come out of Supermax OG gardens.

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Supermax OG Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Supermax OG Genetics and Grow Info

Parents of Supermax OG

Supermax OG Flavors

  • 1. Pungent
  • 2. Pine
  • 3. Diesel

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“I wouldn't recommend this for new smokers or occasional smokers. SMOG will get you about as high as you can get. So, just be prepared for that. Also wouldn't recommend smoking before doing anything important, because SMOG WILL make you sleepy and hungry, which leads to grumpy. It's great stuff though.”

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“Supermax og is so good, leafly is about to add a supermax og symbol to the right of the fifth star for this cultivar. Smoking buds of Supermax og by blue roots in wa feels and has me react like a dab. This reminds me of super potent kind home grown. Really good weed is sticky. It's so good, it's slightly oily. Terps list at 3.6% to 4.3%. THC 23.3% and up. Dispensaries go through this so quick, if it ain't world of w...”


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