Tangelo Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super high trichome count. Honestly one of the most citrus flavours I have had. Lovely orange hairs and a great colour (green with flecks of dark green/purple). The effects were slightly slumped with a lot of laughs consistent high for a few hours. Would be good for insomnia or depression as it it uplifting and if smoked in quantity could put you to sleep. Over all lovely strain.”

  • “very Good strain I find it has a couch lock effect smells very much like a fresh peeled orange has a soft feel fluffy.”

  • “This strain offers pretty looking nuggets with a nice balanced aroma of almost like a plate of orange chicken from a Chinese place mixed with a heady kush smell. very citrus smell not too much on the taste tho. more earthy taste with hitns of oranges citrus and sweet. Nice high not to overwhelming but really good for stress and low on the parinoia. would recommend.”

  • “took 2 rips of this strain and got really high super potent couldn't stop laughing made me feel like old times dizzy when I sat down tho”

  • “Smells just like grapefruit. Felt a little less tired and wasn't too high.”


  • “Good flavor mild high”

  • “The nugs were large, dense, and citrusy, similar to sour diesel. The taste on the exhale was very fruity and pleasing. Very potent as well! Tons of orange hairs, lovely smell. Very surprised with this strain!”