TJ's CBD Reviews

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  • “This has been a godsend for my fibromyalgia pain. No head high, all body. Lovely.”

  • “TJ's set me up with whole flower medicines in capsule and flower. Breathtakingly fragrant and gorgeous buds in several varieties, all varieties with great flavor. I use cannabis for relief from chronic intractable pain, fibromyalgia, ptsd and peripheral neuropathy. TJ.s Purple Kush helped me with pain, relaxation and sleep; the TJ.s Matanuska Thunder is great for daytime get up and go to help convince my aging fra...”

  • “A CBD strain I believe is a must for me MO Matter what indica or sativa strain I use. I always have a CBD around to compliment or cut the effects of a strain. TJ 14% CBD 0%THC strain is my favorite some CBD strains have high to mid THC strains which I dislike but will tolerate.”

  • “Really helps with arthritis without getting into your head. I felt completely functional on it.”

  • “dis is da shif”

  • “I love this one. It gives me a nice body high, but it doesn't last long for me. It is my sister in laws weed, but she said I could have some. I think I want to buy my own, because I just might smoke all of hers. ♡♡♡”

  • “love this strain. It really helped me write this review, minus the spicy boners”

  • “Consumed in hot cocoa. This strain does well.”