White Lotus Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “White Lotus is by far my #1 strain after smoking at least 100 strains if that tells you anything!!! The reasoning behind my favoring this strain is because of what it does to your body physically if you take it before you sleep it will actually begin to heal parts of your body!!! I have never had any kind of healing experience with other strains except Blueberry for the mind and God Bud for the body (those are my oth...”

  • “This is complex, unique and potent. The smell of the smoke is hashy, smooth and has a slightly sweet citrus-herb taste that is really interesting because it reminds me of Bombay Sapphire gin. Its super strong but its NOT going to give you a creative burst of energy or get you motivated to get stuff done. It seems to help you relax and relieve some body aches and pains while chasing away some of the blues also.”

  • “I got some of this delightful yet heavy strain for the first time today and Christ this not for amateurs, lightweights will find themselves knocked out before they are even done exhaling the fragrant earthy smelling smoke with its hints of citrus that flow along the dank grin inducing pungent aroma. The full effects of this powerful stains property's do not come on until about 10 to 15 min after smoking, this is wh...”

  • “Yo I was tripping so hard at that party last night”

  • “Ok this is a decent strain.One word to describe smell taste everything MR.CLEAN. The smell is a strong smell, of lemon, and pine, and that chemical smell makes it smell strong smelling herb.Double bag it .Effects pain relief, depression,hunger problems.”

  • “This strain is known for its solid yield, insane frost with wild Alpine berries aromas and warm tart hashy taste. The Snow Lotus male is the star child of Afgooey (Maui Haze x Afghani) and a X19 leaning Blockhead male (no Sweetooth traits present), he lets the female traits pass through in a cross while uping the size, structure, frost, and potency.”

  • “It come is after a 15 minute delay and clouds your senses. Sticks around for about an hour of munchies then eases its tender grasp over your head. The after effects of the high will linger but only after an hour or so of smoking.”

  • “One hit of this and I felt like Odysseus in the land of the lotus eater. Came on quick and heavy but didn't lock me down. The earthy hash taste is amazingly unique.”