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Cherries Jubilee Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I would give it 6 stars if I could! One of my absolute favorite strains. Very functional for an indica. The high is very happy and uplifted. For me, it makes my anxiety and depression fade away and replaces it with optimism and puts a smile on my face. Also, slightly energizing-makes me want to do fun stuff with friends. Yet there's still a deep relaxation you feel throughout your body as well. And with a delicious s...”

  • “Yum. I normally don't care much for the over sweet but this is a treat. This goes perfect rolled in a cone with a nice hash. I was surprised by how uplifting and relaxing this strain turned out. Highly recommend this strain if your lucky enough to find it.”

  • “Seeing Cherries Jubilee on a menu makes me all "shut up and take my money." It took me a bit to figure it out, but it finally hit me... CJ gives me the same effects as a codeine pill. No joke. It's fantastic. Just... I can't even. Give me all your Cherries Jubilee please. 👼💊😍”

  • “Great stuff. We vaped flowers and it produced an intense all-in-the-body-high. It keeps out of your head so you can be social. Great for blending with other strains to increase the body high. You can use more than you're used to without it turning on you.”

  • “I am a Sativa person and this is the only Indica I have enjoyed. This is a uplifting and socially energetic indica. It makes my mind wander with creativity and gives me the power to connect the correct words with my thoughts. The smell is very sweet and of berries.”

  • “Very relaxing and comfortable. Awesome body high.”

  • “This is a somewhat enigmatic indica due to its uplifting and energetic properties. In high doses, this cherry-tart-flavor-on-exhale bud creeps up on the body anchoring it to your seat.”

  • “This was a really rough strain to vape and while it did have me buzzing, the euphoric feeling left pretty quickly. I picked this strain up when it was $25 an eighth and accidentally bought two of them on back to back visits to the dispensary and so it was a long time to finish it all as I didn't look forward to vaping the flower when it was in my rotation. Cherries Jubilee isn't a very strong strain and what little...”