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Death Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Fantastic herb! Smoked through 16.5" percolator bong (with ice to 3" above pinch), with added percolating pre-cooler. Felt effects almost immediately after .5 minute milk - these deepened over the next 15 minutes. Very psychoactive stone with strong analgesic effects & while my appetite wasn't really stimulated, my nausea abated & I was able to eat. Pain relief made me want to do some chores; couch-lock set in lat...”

  • “Holy shit. I had two hits of this last night and I wasn't ready for how potent this strain is. I found myself staring blankly at the computer screen for a couple of seconds when it hit trying to focus on not being too high. Snapped out of it and had an amazing five hours of listening to music and editing the pictures I had taken that day. I brought my bluetooth speaker into the bathroom and had a half an hour shower ...”

  • “I'm age 53. I haven't been able to use weed because it normally amplifies my symptoms which I call "a constant bombardment of horrible physical sensations". Recently I ordered an Indica sample from Herbal Dispatch and discovered Death Bubba! Almost instant relaxation, no exacerbation of pain or other bizarre and horrible sensations. I can see some awesome nights' sleeps coming up! Also, with less pain, I can be m...”

  • “Death Bubba is Deathstar x Bubba kush. This is a very powerful indica, its dankness can be smelt across the room once the jar opens, its unique nose is easily picked out in a room full of kushes, the buzz is very narcotic and is excellent for pain and insomnia, I wouldn't recommend smoking this if you plan on getting things done, it will lock you into the couch in 3.2 seconds. This is truly the king of kushes in the ...”

  • “Very effective pain meds, and on a day it is most needed. Smells pungent and a hint of floral note. (ya, I know, it IS a flower after all :) ) Vapour was mild enough even with a sore throat due to a cold. Took a couple of minutes to come on, but it lasted a long time. A bit on the heavy side, perfect for melting into a tub or becoming one with the couch with a bowl (or 2) of your favorite snack. Flights of fanc...”

  • “Makes my top 3 of all time. Very potent, had a huge grin, body tingles and very euphoric feel. Didn't feel like sleeping until about an hour later which was great as I got to enjoy the high but when it did it was lights out. A fantastic strain.”

  • “Well what can I say, this stuff is STRONG! Deep deep into the murky waters with this indica. Body stone is higher than ones I've felt before. A little goes a long way, defintily a couch lock and nighttime strain. Slap on the headphones to some deep trance or music and close your eyes and prepare for visuals in your minds eye. Great stuff, not a everyday use for me but perfect to just utterly completely relax. Do...”

  • “She smells like skunk and sweet fruit, and when you exhale She spreads a warm cozy blanket over you. You find that you have less and less fucks to give, but you sure wish you had bought some Doritos on the way home...and a rotisserie chicken.”