Night Nurse Reviews

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  • “This write up is slightly wrong, the strain was bred by BC Bud Depot by one of their breeders in Sasketchewan using a three way cross of BCBD's Fire OG Kush, the BC Hashplant, and the Harmony from Reeferman. You can fact check this by referring to the Cannabis Cup award it received last year in Amsterdam from High Times as well as on their website. This is a vigorous easy to grow quick finisher with a unique nose, ...”

  • “This strain is underrated as a simple sleep-aid, Folks. It's an indica-lover's indica. It has a lot more than soporificity to offer across the board, but is most useful for me as a non-stupefying muscle relaxer and social anxiolytic. I actually find weed like this stimulating, but never shaded with paranoid jags. Don't expect roll-level euphoria, but for those who can ride it, it's a reliable and generally cost-effec...”

  • “Love this strain. Suffer from insomnia and this has helped so much more than any other strain I have tried. I have only tried tried in concentrate form and it tastes great. Hope to try the flower soon.”

  • “This is a godsend of a strain for insomniacs and people looking for a good night's rest. Smooth finish, pleasant taste, and the effects seem to begin peaking around 30 min, but the duration is much longer, around 2 hours. The strain is highly sedative so not one recommended for recreational activities or those looking for a burst of creativity. The strain features an extreme body high that is not overpowering but at ...”

  • “Night Nurse is a great strain to induce sleep and treat pain. It leaves you with a totally relaxed, almost floating feeling. Pain melts away with this one. Would recommend to treat pain and insomnia.”

  • “Night Nurse is an amazing strain, i love Fire OG which is also combined with night nurse. . It has helped me with my chronic pain i would recommend this as more of a night indica to smoke it will defiantly put you in sleeping mode if you have problems falling asleep,. One of my favourites.!”

  • “This is my third Night Nurse purchase. Bought it largely because I found the name delightfully creepy, and Hash Plant and Fire OG are both 🔥, but you don't even know fire until you've tried Night Nurse. Starts off with an immediate high and serious giggles. I stared at the cat and laughed for a good 5 minutes straight. Then it sort of... Cozies you into sleep. For me, sleep is inevitable with this one. Love love lov...”

  • “super potent, effects are intense. I get headaches quite often and every time I blaze some of this my headache goes away almost instantly or in a matter of 5 minutes, I'm never taking excedrin again. Also works perfect if you need to get some sleep, helps me fall asleep fast and wake up feeling good and well rested.”