White Bubblegum

White Bubblegum

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White Bubblegum by THClones is a sweet and sedative cross of frosty phenotypes.  Bred by crossing Snow White and Bubble Gum, White Bubblegum (aka Big League Chew) is slightly earthy but primarily sweet in aroma and flavor. Notes of fruit and earth blossom into a tangy cotton candy medley on the tongue after combustion/vaporization. This indica-dominant strain caresses the limbs with a steady current of relaxing vibes. The euphoria can be motivating for some consumers, acting synergistically with the strain’s calming qualities. 

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Dry Mouth

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  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Flowery

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“I rate this strain as a five only on the fourth try. First Was 2, Second was 3, third was a 4. Felt like some average White widow the first few times. But then I got a hang for it's sedating effects, tingly feeling (was was months ago sadly). Enthousiastic, giggly, happy but no deep thoughts. Everything dark seems nearly black, lights behind the windows shine extra bright. curled up curtains look weird, like hologram...”