Woody Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got this on special at a local dispensary for $8/gr. These densely-packed buds are a light green to medium green in color, with light orange hairs. This stuff smells great. As for the taste, it is not overpowering, and pretty pleasant. The smoke itself doesn't seem to expand too much, so feel free to take some fat bong rips. For the high- I would say it is almost "dreamy". I was typing on the keyboard while I w...”

  • “Mixed it with Blackberry Kush, and i must say one of the best combinations for pain and flavor ever.”

  • “Just tried some right before nite nite time and it's working like dream. Thank god for auto correct. Would give five stars but I never like to put some like that on a pedestal. Real sleepy muscle relaxing buzz ☺️ with a real muscle relaxing vibe yaaa diiiggg it 😋😁”

  • “Not for new booties. Strictly for connoisseurs. Heavy indica effects. Not a one hitter quitter,but u will be sluggish and sleepy. Very stanky woody accent as it burns, but as u inhale u begin to taste the pine. Funny though, on the exhale, I got a little cheese taste. Recommended for pain relief and insomnia.”

  • “Woody is a potent, heavy indica and a creeper that shouldn't be underestimated. Everything's cool for the first few minutes, then you're hit hard and in a foreign place. It's good for pain and sleep (if you don't get too high), but I don't find it particularly euphoric. Makes me quiet and introverted. Strong medicine but not my favorite strain. My first impression was "Jesus Christ, was this shit laced?"”

  • “Woody is a creeper. You immediately feel some mild, sativa-like effects and 5-10 minutes later *BAM* it kicks into high gear, complete with a strong body buzz and reality altering cerebral effects. The first time I smoked this I took two big hits and thought "no big deal". That is until the effects took hold in their entirety and gave me severe anxiety. Invasive, disturbing thoughts kept coming on strong faster th...”

  • “This strain definitely lives up to its name. The taste is very much that of wood which to be honest I don't like. Fortunately, the buzz makes up for the unappealing taste. I got it on special and would buy it again on,y if it were at a phenomenal price like it was this time. #420sweepstakes”

  • “Absolutely incredible. Very smooth, fantastic high. Has quickly become one of my favorite strains. Highly recommended for a night in.”