Yumboldt Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Again, another one of those strains that needs a true review. Smells of citrus...very strong citrus..in fact probably one of the most intense buds I've ever tasted. Taste is no different the beautiful buds I had tasted as though I had literally just got done biting into some citrus fruits. As far as actually pinpointing the actual source of the citrus flavor....I smoked this during the day for 2 weeks trying to figur...”

  • “Yumbolt Indica Look: Small dense, buds with plenty of orange hairs. Smell: Earthy and crisp Taste: The smoke is pretty thick and the taste was earthy. Effects: Very good strain for sleep. Yumbolt will make one pretty tired and lazy. Potency: Decent lasty buzz with a mellowness that last for couple hours after”

  • “Not sure how this + and - system is supposed to work, but Yumbolt relieves inflammation in my arthritic wrists, elbows, and shoulders, and relieves greatly the pain in my lower back caused by 4 crushed discs, and in the spinal neck area. I worked heavy construction most of my life. I have developed the common pains of growing older combined with the injuries common to my profession. Yumbolt relieves the pain, and...”

  • “This is an effective strain of cannabis that provides a smooth, mellow, and pain relieving high. It has a very pleasant scent, with a great taste.. along with thick, beautiful orange hairs on the buds. As a veteran smoker, I will say that it's one of the very best.”

  • “It smooshes you to sleep... your eyes close, your head drops, you're all sleepy and cozy and your face is so, so melty... zzzzzz”

  • “This review is for Yumbolt47 a cross of Yumbolt and AK47 Method of consumption: Volcano Vaporizer. Pros: Euphoria and pain relief. Wow, the AK sativa genetics have to be at least 50+% because it definitely leans this way. Very heady, it makes you forget your pain, however the indicia Yumbolt part does hit the body for relief. Cons: Dry mouth and eyes. Normal inhale but at times harsh exhale. Other/Overall: Almos...”

  • “Yumbolt is basically that, a lightning bolt of yum that smoke fucks your lungs till your couch locked coughing and hungry for chicken tenders.”

  • “One hit and I was taken back to the ripe age of 14 and it was the first time I smoked all over again. My eyes were drooping, my body felt pain free, and south park was the greatest thing on TV again. An amazing strain that planted my body in place, and completely relaxed my entire world. An excellent bud for chilling at home with friends or relaxing by yourself, definitely an evening bud.”