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A cannabis-infused Canadian Thanksgiving feast

October 4, 2019
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Cannabis is legal across Canada, and if that’s not a reason to feel grateful this Thanksgiving, here are some more.

Served alongside your favourite holiday mains, these delightful (and delightfully cannabis-infused) dishes are likely to inspire grateful feelings—or at the very least, high feelings.

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Dosing tips


Seriously though, it’s not necessary to add cannabis to every dish in your dinner. Follow your guests’ preferences to determine the amount and potency of infused foods you include in your meal.

When in doubt, err on the side of lighter infusions—after all, it’s much easier to increase effects by eating more than to decrease them by going back in time and eating less.

If you’re serving diners who plan to partake in infused foods as well as those who don’t, keep things simple and infuse one or two clearly labelled dishes, so it’s easy for each guest to enjoy the meal they want.

Leafly Canada’s favourite cannabis-infused Thanksgiving dishes

Creamy cannabis-infused mashed potatoes


Not everyone includes mashed potatoes in their Thanksgiving traditions, but one spoonful of this particularly creamy rendition, and you’ll know they should. Cream cheese, sour cream, and garlic add immediate zing, while cannabutter ensures the experience lasts well beyond the last bite.

Cannabis-infused carrot and beet stuffing hash


Say no to an all-beige Thanksgiving meal with this colourful stuffing. Unlike the standard bread-heavy version, this one includes a healthy serving of root veggies. It’s up to you which ones to include—carrots, fennel, parsnips, and kohlrabi are all fair game—but if you want yours to look like the wine-hued beauty pictured here, add beets.

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Cannabis-infused green bean casserole


Rarely spotted at Canadian Thanksgiving dinners, this Midwestern-US classic relies heavily on pantry staples, making it a good choice for time-strapped chefs. If you can’t find the American-style deep fried onion topping, most well-stocked South Asian grocers have a version that can be substituted.

Cannabis-infused mini pumpkin cheesecakes


By the time dessert rolls around, you should be feeling good and grateful, particularly if you prepared these make-ahead treats in advance and your work is done (let someone else do the dishes!). Sit back, relax and let their smooth texture and lightly-spiced pumpkin flavours remind you why autumn is the natural season for gratitude.

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