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Canada’s favourite CBD-dominant flower

Given medicinal cannabis’s 17-year head start on legalization, perhaps it’s not surprising that Leafly readers, when it comes to choosing their favourite CBD flowers, went with some strains that pre-date the legal recreational market.

Most of the favourites chosen carried next to no intoxicating effects, with THC counts often registering under 1%. Cannatonic variants were also clear favourites, including Leafly readers’ top choice.

Canada’s favourite CBD-dominant flower

1. Aurora Temple

One of three winning takes on the Cannatonic strain, Aurora’s Temple ranks high in CBD (7% to 14%). It can also have a THC count up to 2%, suggesting a glimmer of a high. Reviewers have said that it has a calming effect that works well for for anxiety, insomnia, or just shifting into a lower gear.

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More of Canada’s favourite CBD-dominant flower

2. AltaVie North Star CBD

Though described by AltaVie as a sativa, users have reported deep relaxation and a mild high from this strain, consistent with its elevated CBD content (11% to 19%) and next-to-non-existent THC count (0% to 1%). Its limonene terpene produces citrus notes beneath its bold floral scent. As a flower, the buds are described as sticky and dense; the strain is also available in soft gel caps.

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3. Canaca Select Great North CBD

This greenhouse-grown Ontario flower from Canaca Select can be high in CBD (10% to 17%) with less than 1% THC, for non-intoxicating results. The key terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, suggesting a strong earth and wood aroma reminiscent of the Canadian wilds the strain is named for.

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4. Dubon Select Fleur de CBD (tie)

Sold exclusively through the provincially-run Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC), the Dubon Select Fleur de CBD is a hybrid known for full-body relaxation.

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4. Flowr BC Intergalactic Princess (tie)

With mild CBD content (5% to 15%), BC Intergalactic Princess, marketed by Flowr as a medicinal strain, is said to be a gentle introduction to cannabis.

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5. Hexo Terra (tie)

Both fifth place strains are famous for delivering high CBD with next to no intoxicating effects. Terra is Hexo’s take on the medicinal strain Remedy, which patients use to treat seizures, pain, autism, inflammation, and anxiety disorders.

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5. Redecan Charlotte CBD (tie)

Charlotte is Redecan’s version of Charlotte’s Web, named for its most famous patient Charlotte Figi, a young girl who used the strain to suppress her seizures.

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6. San Rafael ’71 Great White Shark

The strain with the most THC potency on the list is a reportedly energizing strain from San Rafael ’71 that offers two parts CBD to every one part THC.

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7. Pure Sunfarms Pure Sun CBD

The Pure Sun CBD by Pure Sunfarms is a greenhouse-grown hybrid rich in myrcene, which the producer claims gives it a brown-sugar flavour and aroma.

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8. Tantalus Labs BC Sungrown Cannatonic

Tantalus Labs’ BC Sungrown Cannatonic is a reportedly energizing strain that might cause a short uplifting high, but its trump card is really maximum relaxation.

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