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Six strains for Election Day stress

Published on September 20, 2021 · Last updated September 17, 2021
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Elections aren’t particularly relaxing for anybody, especially during a pandemic. Luckily in the Great White North, we’re blessed to have one of the best remedies around—legalized cannabis.

No matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, voting can be stressful. So why not pick up a little legal pot after voting as a reward for fulfilling your patriotic duty?

Unwind and watch the ballots roll in with one (or all) of these six strains.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has always been easy on the eyes. (David Downs/Leafly)
Blue Dream has always been easy on the eyes. (David Downs/Leafly)

Put yourself in a hazy headspace with the fruity and floral tastes of Blue Dream.

This strain’s typically moderate THC levels leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud without completely knocking you out while you watch the results.

Dense concentrations of myrcene coupled with caryophyllene and pinene give off a focused yet heavily calming, trance-like feel.

Granddaddy Purple

granddaddy purple marijuana strain
Granddaddy Purple (Leafly)

Granddaddy Purple delivers the hard-hitting feeling you might need after weeks of election campaigns. This strain is all about relaxation and will have you cool as a cucumber, no matter who wins.

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The taste and aroma deliver a fresh grape and berry palate with a hint of skunk. Grandaddy Purple has dense amounts of linalool and myrcene for a relaxing and sedative effect. 

GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies (Leafly)

Everyone knew not to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar as a kid, but election stress calls for a treat and GMO Cookies will wipe away any worries you might have.

Slow things down a bit and embrace the phenomenal body buzz from terpenes caryophyllene, humulene and myrcene. Believe it or not, the smooth cookie-esque flavour pairs great with GMO Cookies’ garlic, diesel finish.

White Widow

White Widow (Leafly)

White Widow has the right bite to temper any mood. Known for lifting spirits and a relaxing vibe, this strain is chill and cheerful.

White widow is loaded with terpenes caryophyllene, linalool, myrcene, and pinene. This popular cultivar has earthy pine flavours and long-lasting effects.

Lilac Diesel

Photo similar to Lilac Diesel (Adobe Stock)

No matter what the results are on election night, you’ll be lucid, relaxed and cheerful sparking up a spliff of Lilac Diesel. Sweet and soothing notes of citrus, berries, pine, and a dense gassy flavour, shine through with this bud’s unique flavour.

The strain brings together a genetic cross of Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, NYC Cherry Pie and Citral Glue with terpenes like ​​pinene, caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene creating a suburb blend of uplifting and sedative effects. 

Bubba Kush

bubba kush marijuana strain
Bubba Kush. (Leafly)

No need to get worked up about votes, the results are out of your control once you cast your ballot. Instead, curl up with Bubba Kush and forget it.

Like a weighted blanket, this strain’s calm, tranquil effects from myrcene and caryophyllene take hold the moment you inhale.

Bubba Kush’s smooth, chocolate, and coffee-like taste sweeps through upon exhale and the euphoric effects take hold.

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Joe Smith-Engelhardt
Joe Smith-Engelhardt
Joe Smith-Engelhardt is a Toronto-based freelance writer focusing on music and cannabis. He’s previously written for Alternative Press, Exclaim! and other publications.
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