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Tips for Growing Silver Haze Cannabis

Tips for Growing Silver Haze Cannabis

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Strain Overview: Silver Haze brought the beauty of Haze genetics to new heights by breeding in Northern Lights to increase the yield and quality of buds. This Haze-dominant strain now produces yields that made it financially worthwhile. Known for its cerebral sativa high, Silver Haze also offers a sweet and woody aroma.

Grow Techniques: Try growing this strain indoors with a hydroponic setup using the SOG (sea of green) method. It can be switched to flowering early on as it will stretch quite a bit. This strain responds well to training methods and can be packed in closely with other plants without causing problems.

Flowering Time: 10 to 12 weeks

Yield: High

Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Responds well to dry, warm climates between 70 and 80 degrees.

Indoor/Outdoor: Silver Haze grows well indoors or outdoors given the right climate. It does exceptionally well indoors for a sativa strain. 

Feeding: Be careful to not overfeed this sativa-dominant plant. If growing hydroponically, keep the EC (electrical conductivity) low to start off, and slowly increase as you pay attention to the effects the nutrients have on the plant.