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The Leafly List, May 2015

Published on May 15, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

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May 2015

In a budding industry short on reliable data, making informed decisions about what cannabis strains and products to purchase and which locations to shop at can be difficult and overwhelming. We created the Leafly List to provide helpful, community-based information for medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers looking for the most personally relevant locations. The Leafly List ranks the top trending dispensaries and retail stores in each of the major US cannabis markets every month. It highlights the most talked-about locations in six states, based on customer engagement metrics and reviews of each location’s quality, service, and atmosphere.

All six regions saw continued growth in customer engagement metrics during the month of April, which really shook things up on the May Leafly List. With big promotional pushes and lots of news, events, and holiday deals to share with followers on Leafly, the traffic to cannabis locations increased considerably thanks in large part to the 4/20 holiday. There was a lot of buzz around cannabis and the locations that are pushing the trends in the industry.

For more on the best locations from the past month, let’s take a look at each market. Select your region below to find the most relevant Leafly List for you, or read on for an overview of every active region. And remember, if you don't see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find the best cannabis.

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Arizona is a relatively stable market with less fluctuation in the listings. It is highly competitive and active as seen by the high index scores. While less socially active than locations in Oregon or Washington, Arizona's medical dispensaries still manages to add regular visibility and engagement through social media channels.

Top Ranked:Herbal Wellness Center in Phoenix holds on to the top spot in the state for the second month in a row.
Biggest Mover:Bloom Phoenix jumped 16 places to take a spot in the top 10.
Most Reviewed:Nature’s AZ Medicines in Phoenix was the most reviewed location on Leafly over the month of April.
Social Champion:The GreenHouse in Glendale showed the most activity on social media for Arizona locations.

Northern California

Norther California shows a lot of competition and opportunity, especially in the bottom half of the top 10 with 3 tied for the 8th place listing. Only 1.6 index points separate the locations ranked between 5 and 10. More amplification through social channels would further the competition in California as a whole and make some top locations really stand out.

Top Ranked:Purple Star MD moved up from the 3rd spot in April to claim May's top location in Northern California.
Biggest Mover:The Heart of Humboldt in Arcata jumped nearly 60 spots to make it onto the Leafly List this month.
Most Reviewed: The Heart of Humboldt in Arcata was also the most reviewed location in the region, which helped catapult them into the top 10.

Southern California

Southern California is a strong, long-standing market overall, with a lot of tight competition between the top locations. Tamp Wellness and The Green Element flip-flopped the 1 and 2 positions as they continued to battle for the crown as SoCal's top spot.

Top Ranked:Tampa Wellness Inc in Los Angeles barely edged out The Green Element for #1 in May.
Biggest Mover:Green Gorilla in Torrance moved up 7 spots to move into the top 3 for Southern California.
Most Reviewed: Tamp Wellness Inc in Los Angeles stacked the most reviews over the last month, which gave them the edge for the top spot.


The competition is fierce in Colorado, and a lot of movement between the many access points shows the need to remain vigilant and active in the digital world. Two Native Roots locations made huge jumps to claim the 2nd and 3rd spots in Colorado. Their 4/20 efforts are sure to have boosted their presence on Colorado's Leafly List.

Top Ranked:LivWell on Broadway is still holding their pole position from last month.
Biggest Mover: Native Roots in South Denver jumped up over 90 spots to crack the top 10.
Most Reviewed:Rocky Road in Vail had the most Leafly reviews but didn't make the cut, while LivWell on Broadway claimed the most reviews from a top ranking dispensary.


Overall, Michigan is a fairly stable and steady market due in part to the limited number of access points. The competition for the 3rd ranking is neck and neck between The Provisioning Center and Advance Medical Supply, who could take control of their rankings with more activity on Leafly and other social media outlets.

Top Ranked:House of Dank in Detroit is still holding strong as the top location.
Biggest Mover:Advance Medical Supply in Shelby Charter Township moved up 15 spots to claim the 3rd ranked dispensary in Michigan for the month of May.
Most Reviewed:Hemphill Wellness Center in Burton continues to climb the rankings thanks to so many dedicated reviewers on Leafly.


Oregon is another tightly competitive market as seen by the minor difference in index scores — a mere 1.1 point separates the 2nd ranked dispensary from the 6th. As a whole, Oregon is the most active market on social media, showing their eagerness to reach and engage their customers.

Top Ranked:Nectar on Sandy Blvd moved up from #10 last month to claim the top location in Oregon.
Biggest Mover:Next Level Wellness in Eugene overtook 68 other locations to make it into the top 10.
Most Reviewed:Nectar's 122nd Ave location moved up 36 spots after collecting the most Leafly reviews.
Social Champion:Ascend in Portland is the most visible location on social media channels but wasn't able to crack the top 10, and none of the ranking locations finished above #20 for social media scores.


Washington is another active market on social media channels, ranking just below the Oregon market. The 10 point range in index scores from top to bottom emphasizes the competition and movement in the Washington market. The most noticeable shift across the Washington landscape is movement away from medical dispensaries and towards the recreational retail market.

Top Ranked:Washington Herbal Remedies in Lynnwood moved from the 6 spot last month to claim #1.
Biggest Mover:Bud Hut – Recreational in Everett jumped 52 spots to take the 8th position.
Most Reviewed: Cannabis & Glass – Recreational in Spokane was the most reviewed, which helped them jump up 4 spots to number 5 in the state.
Social Champion:Ocean Greens in Seattle can thank their engagements on social media for helping them jump 34 places to the 9th spot.

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