9 awesome things to do with your mom while high

Published on May 9, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Ever been a little elevated together with mom? Maybe this is the year. (Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Mother’s Day is coming up. You love mom, but honestly if you have to face another 45-minute stint in squalling-child purgatory waiting for your brunch table to open, you’d rather be an orphan. Are you feeling us?

Try something different this year. Share a little cannabis with mom.

She’s been wanting to try it ever since your state went legal. Or maybe she’s more experienced than you think. Either way we can assure you that the correct dosage, combined with the right time, place, and state of mind, can produce an absolutely lovely day with mom.

We polled our 420 friendly acquaintances for advice. Here’s what they said.

(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

1. Stroll through an art museum

A few puffs on a park bench outside the museum should do the trick. Bring a cool beverage in case a little throat-harshing occurs. Look for the galleries with vibrant colors (think pop art, Hilma af Klint, Roy Lichtenstein, Dan Flavin) or unexpected delights, like a sculpture garden or hall of artist-made furniture.

2. Puff on a joint in a curated garden

The local park path will work just fine. Even better if you can find a secluded path in a high-value place like Victoria’s Butchart Gardens, Chicago’s Botanic Garden, the UC Davis Arboretum, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the National Tropical Botanical Gardens (three in Hawaii, one in Florida), or Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens.

3. Snack an edible and bust out the photo albums

The key here is to wait an hour, maybe more. Give that sucker some time to kick in. Then start paging through those photos of you in the Ninja Turtles Halloween costume. If your mother is too young to have photo albums, get out your high school yearbooks. Have mom get out hers too. Ask about the hair choices.

4. Watch a funny movie together

Pro tip: Pick a comedy set during when your mom went to high school.

  • 1950s: Grease, Back to the Future
  • 1960s: American Graffiti, Beach Blanket Bingo
  • 1970s: Dazed and Confused, Freaky Friday (the Jodie Foster version), Rock n Roll High School
  • 1980s: Sixteen Candles, Heathers, The Breakfast Club
  • 1990s: Pump Up the Volume, Clueless, American Pie

If the high school gambit ain’t working, put on John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. Seriously funny, and Mulaney doesn’t work blue so you don’t have to worry about sitting next to your mom listening to a dude talk about his dick.

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5. Bake delicious things

Timing is critical on this one. You want to get the baking done before you both ingest an appropriately dosed edible. Or at least get it in the oven and set about 14 timers to go off and remind you to remove it.

When that edible kicks in, you and mom will enjoy the most goddamn delicious food anyone on this earth has ever cooked. Hang back on your own dose, so at least one of you will be able to rise from the couch and take the cookies out of the oven.

6. Practice elevated yoga

Yoga teachers are getting certified in ganja yoga. It’s happening. Leafly has allkinds of resources to help you and mom discover the right class for you. Check out available teachers and classes near you, listed at Theganjayoga, Marijuasana, and The Higher Self. Our friends at Have a Heart also have a cool introductory guide. Remember that elevated yoga is always bring-your-own.

7. Take a Puff, Pass & Paint class together

Leafly editors Bailey Rahn and Brett Konen had a blast taking the PP&P class offered in Denver a couple years ago—read about their experience here. The class, which began a few years ago in Colorado, has proven so popular that it’s now offered in seven states plus Washington, DC. We hear there’s even a pottery-making variation on the theme now.

8. Get high and go thrift store shopping

You start with $40, mom starts with $40. See who comes out with the coolest or weirdest shit. Leafly staffers went out and did it a while back. Their beloved trophies are still hanging around the office. And hey! Use Lyft or Uber or take a cab. It’s much cheaper and safer for everyone.

9. Brunch with the munchies

If you feel you must uphold some sort of tradition and take mom out to brunch, give yourselves a head start. Microdose an edible an hour before your reservation or share a joint. By the time your table opens, you’ll be riding a nice wavelength. Your food should arrive just as the munchies kick in. Order extra waffles.

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