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The Best Cannabis Strains for Meditation

July 30, 2015
(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Cannabis and meditation have long walked hand-in-hand with beginnings in early religious and spiritual tradition, and humans certainly haven’t forgotten the introspective utility marijuana offers in modern meditative practices. Whether you’re practicing silent mindfulness at home or working on your mind-body connections in a yoga class, you may have at least thought about pairing your meditation with cannabis.


I Hired a Guide to Take Me on a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey

While some people prefer a sober mind for their spiritual reflections, we’ve gathered some strain suggestions for those curious to see how an altered mindset affects the experience. Of course, there are many strains suitable for meditation of both the active and unmoving varieties, but these are just some of the most commonly vetted strains among Leafly’s reviewers.

Lamb’s Bread

Leafly Lamb's Bread cannabis strain tileLeafly Lamb's Bread cannabis strain effects

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This Jamaican sativa is known for its ability to bring out the positive vibes while emitting an earthy, woody aroma. With an uplifting, peaceful quality that Bob Marley famously serenaded, Lamb’s Bread offers a calming cerebral effect perfect for staying present.

Leafly Lamb's Bread cannabis strain review by user Tengukashi

“Colors seemed more vibrant, food tasted better, my sense of smell was heightened, and music just sounded better. Tapered off into a more meditative buzz, great for a mid-day smoke.”

Granddaddy Purple

Leafly Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain tileLeafly Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain effects

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Unleash the zen power of this relaxing indica strain, whose soothing effects begin the moment you crack open one of its berry-scented buds. Dreamy euphoria melts over the mind while the body eases itself into deep physical serenity. Though known for its tranquilizing effects, Granddaddy Purple usually leaves enough liveliness for both still and active forms of meditation.

Leafly Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain review by user Free_Byrd

“I instantly felt all bad energy and tension gone. My body was light and floaty feeling with a clear pleasantly uplifted mind and mood…A favorite of mine for yoga.”

Blue Dream

Leafly Blue Dream cannabis strain tileLeafly Blue Dream cannabis strain effects

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Blue Dream seems to be the fan favorite among cannabis enthusiasts, and if you’ve experienced the dream-like qualities of this blueberry-flavored hybrid, you can imagine why so many Leafly reviewers tout its meditative merits. Its full-body relaxation and cerebral euphoria tend to begin with a steady gentleness, allowing you to coast lightly into a peaceful, ethereal state of mind.

Leafly Blue Dream cannabis strain review by user DeltaNyn3

“It gives you an intense rush of creativity. It’s also great to meditate to…I call it the “Dream” part of it… it’s very nice to relax.”

Northern Lights

Leafly Northern Lights cannabis strain tileLeafly Northern Lights cannabis strain effects

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Northern Lights is known for its sedating and dreamy euphoria, but in spite of its heavy tranquilizing effects, this indica is still a popular choice for yoga and other active forms of meditation.

Leafly Northern Lights cannabis strain review by user Indaking

“One of the most exhilarating and sensational strains I have ever experienced…I would take a hit off Northern Lights, get straight on my mat and bust out a bomb flow of yoga and the two paired wondrously.”

Leafly Northern Lights cannabis strain review by user Ayanme

“Always excited when I see this on the board. I know I’ll be well rewarded with an enhanced meditation/yoga practice and a feeling of deep contentment no matter what I end up doing after. Perfect for yin, meditation, contemplation and savasana.”

Laughing Buddha

Leafly Laughing Buddha cannabis strain tileLeafly Laughing Buddha cannabis strain effects

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Inherent in this sativa’s name, Laughing Buddha tends to simultaneously bring out lightheartedness and deep introspection in those who let this strain facilitate their meditation. Laughing Buddha lends a hand to positivity, helping you forget the day’s stresses and focus on your practice.

Leafly Laughing Buddha cannabis strain review by user CapnMaryJanewayOfTheUSSVapor

“I experienced true tranquility and serenity on this stuff. I was sort of even able to meditate and gain a little faith in the universe and myself.”

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

Leafly GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) cannabis strain tileLeafly GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) cannabis strain effects

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For those of you wanting a more intense impact from your cannabis, pair your meditation with the famously potent GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) hybrid. This strain is known for its impressive THC content and powerful euphoria, which can bring introspection to a new level as muscles relax and tension fades.

Leafly GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) cannabis strain review by user Jordank

“Creates a beautiful synergistic effect of a heavy cerebral and body high. Left me in a state of deep, meditative introspection.”

Hindu Kush

Leafly Hindu Kush cannabis strain tileLeafly Hindu Kush cannabis strain effects

Find Hindu Kush Nearby

Pairing Hindu Kush with ancient Hindu practices just makes sense. Inducing a hypnotic, trance-like state of mind, Hindu Kush is the perfect indica partner for focused meditation.

Leafly Hindu Kush cannabis strain review by user pyronymph

“My favorite strain for creating a meditative state. The flavor is reminiscent of incense.”

Jack the Ripper

Leafly Jack the Ripper cannabis strain tileLeafly Jack the Ripper cannabis strain effects

Find Jack the Ripper Nearby

Jack the Ripper may be named after a homicidal psychopath, but this citrusy, uplifting strain makes a surprisingly good companion for mindful reflection. Its invigorating effects will leave you feeling spry and weightless as you bust out those downward dogs and warrior poses with a sharply focused mind.

Leafly Jack the Ripper cannabis strain review by user TheBlasian206

“There’s a small buzz for about 10 to 20 minutes then the medicated feeling starts strong in the head relieving any stress, anxiety, depression and guides the thought process into a more peaceful and meditative state. Really gets one to start living in the present.”


Leafly AK-47 cannabis strain tileLeafly AK-47 cannabis strain effects

Find AK-47 Nearby

It may seem contradictory to use a strain called “AK-47” to summon a peaceful, serene mindsets, but trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the irony. But novices be careful: the euphoric power this strain packs can detract from your meditation if you’re prone to anxiety or paranoia.

Leafly AK-47 cannabis strain review by user Chill_Panda

“It comes on when you are in a state or reading or just listening. I feel relaxed and open…Great for putting you in zen mode.”

Kosher Kush

Leafly Kosher Kush cannabis strain tileLeafly Kosher Kush cannabis strain effects

Find Kosher Kush Nearby

You’ll want to be in a horizontal position before puffing on this heavy indica. Kosher Kush wraps the mind with a blissful, stress-numbing blanket of euphoria while easing every muscle into anesthetic relaxation.

Leafly Kosher Kush cannabis strain review by user Audio_Geek

“It leaves you with a calm, relaxed, happy, stress-free state of mind that has not only physically relieving properties, but mentally as well. It is a great meditative and reflective type of weed that has helped me see though many stressful circumstances.”

  • Excellent selection of medical Cannabis varieties to meditate too. Really enjoyed the review comments added to this piece from users who have contributed reviews to Leafly, nice touch. Before medicating with Cannabis do a mindful check in.

  • Michelle Muller

    excellent information, I always learn so much,
    Is there, where can I find information on strains for Alzheimer’s, dementia, in particular?
    Also, Lyme’s disease and PANDAS for a young girl.
    I am studying medical family counseling for my grad degree and want to be able to counsel on medical marijuana which is what I believe in.
    Thank you

    • Allainyaha Char Matthews

      May I suggest S.A.G.E and THC Bomb, meditate is the thought clarity, affirmations, of ones own ability to state what you mean, and mean what you say, aka an “in your body experince”.

      Unity or meeting ground for ones lower and higher mindset.

      For me-

      S.A.G.E. can produce a night time relaxing meditation,

      THC Bomb releases my “root” core best for daytime or evening.

  • I’ve had great clear meditative experiences with Lamb’s Bread & Rene CBD.
    Blue Dream, while clear headed has repeatedly been somewhat body heavy.
    Nebula is great for Depth and Insight but not as good for focus.
    Rene CBD worked well in a Float Tank & sitting meditation as it results in clear mind, relaxed body and mild euphoria.

  • Lamb’s Bread was excellent for rich Insight and had reasonably good relaxed focus. It worked very
    well with mantra playing in the background.

  • B. Alvn

    well, if you want to go very deep in your true sitting meditation practice (usually known as ‘zazen’) it is ultimately better to not use anything except maybe a little tea….but for anyone but an expert, i’d say nearly any weed has the potential to take you pretty personal record for sitting meditation when using cannabis is around 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is VERY VERY hard to do without any help…its just that the euphoria actually does limit how deep you can go.

    comparing yoga and meditation is ignorant. they are two very different practices…with any physical practice such as yoga, dancing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, you-name-it, cannabis nearly always is a good helps you get in touch with your body for sure…but true meditation is not about the body. crazy as this sounds to a lot of stoners, crystal meth is better for true meditation than anything i’ve tried, and that includes LSD…hard to say why but it is true…

  • B. Alvn

    the beauty of the psychedelic plants (and cannabis is absolutely one of them) is that you don’t really need meditation….you can be in a meditative state doing whatever you want to do. but as i said in my other comment, for true Buddhist (Zen) meditation you are better off without, at least in the long run.

  • Tyler

    Meditation is typically best with a sober mind, but once in awhile to have a different experience, some weed is great. Just enough where you’re not baked you have no idea what’s going on. It’s just slight where you are put more into a relaxing state, but are aware of your surroundings. It’s the relaxing state that’s key to an extent.