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Best Mother’s Day gifts of cannabis flowers, chocolate, and candy

Published on May 6, 2020 · Last updated January 5, 2023
The CANN micro-dose line of drinks is a major hit with California women; kids or not. (CANN)
The CANN micro-dose line of beverages is a major hit with women in California. (CANN)

It’s an untraditional Mother’s Day this year, so delight your mom with a gift that breaks boundaries and helps her relax in quarantine.

Cannabis stores are open with curbside pickup and/or delivery in nearly all legal states.

It’s going to be easiest to scoop up a gift in a place like California where there’s statewide delivery, as well as Oregon, Washington, and Colorado where there are lots of stores. Still, medical states like Arizona and Massachusetts are booming with patients practicing self-care this Mother’s Day. Order today to get things squared away for Sunday. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Get her flowers, the special kind

Get the mother in your life the flowers she wants, instead of the colorful spray plastic-wrapped at the grocery store. Leafly’s most popular cannabis flower products include an eighth-ounce of:

Blue Dream

Wedding Cake (Leafly’s 2019 strain of the year)



A classic flower for Mother's Day: Blue Dream. (David Downs/Leafly)

A classic flower for Mother’s Day: Blue Dream. (David Downs/Leafly)

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Need a bargain?

We get it, times are tough. In California, Pacific Stone and Old Pal have great bargain flowers—like affordable Banjo ounces, and Sour Diesel shake. We’ve also got Leafly-picked deals near you, listed below:

Famous flowers

Over at Willie’s Reserve from Willie Nelson, moms love mini-joints. Get 5-packs of Super Lemon Haze, Mac 1, and Blue Dream. The small, personal joints don’t need to be shared during a safely spaced social gathering. Each lady can toke her own.

One for mini-joint her, one for her friend—no sharing necessary with Willie's Reserve 5-packs of minis. (Willie's Reserve)

One mini-joint for her, one for her friend—no sharing necessary with Willie’s Reserve 5-packs of minis. (Willie’s Reserve)

Trending flowers

Splurge on designer buds this year.

Edibles are the COVID-era king

With more consumers considering their lung health, cannabis-infused food and drinks are spiking in popularity right now. And why not? A 5-mg or 10-mg gummy can elevate an evening of binge-watching and ease you into a full night’s sleep. Others are becoming more creative with infused-beverage cocktails, using them to mark the end of the work-from-home day while backing off the alcohol intake.

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Gummies for life

In California, Kiva Confections is queen. For the Camino gummies, get pineapple habanero; wild berry; watermelon lemonade; wild cherry; midnight blueberry; or sparkling pear.

One of our new fave gummies is the Smokiez line available in Oregon, Washington, California, Oklahoma, and Maine. We like to cut a 10-mg fruit chew (sour blue raspberry FTW) in half and share with a co-quarantined house buddy. They come in single-serve units, but your mom will want a 10-unit, 100 mg bag.

In Arizona, Baked Bros has indica gummy bears, watermelon kush slices, as well as sour gummy bears. Copperstate Farms of Arizona has a special treat with pomegranate jellies. Plus, Select has mango gummies in Arizona.

Kiva's Camino gummies are the hot Mother's Day item for California 2020. (Kiva)

Kiva’s Camino gummies are the hot Mother’s Day item for California 2020. (Kiva)

Micro-dose a mint with mom

If your mom is a little trepidatious about cannabis, ease her into the experience with some micro-dosed mints or lozenges. These super-mini-micros come in potencies that might seem ridiculous—one milligram!—to the experienced stoner, but they’re just the ticket for more mature adults looking for a light lift in their day.

In Washington and selected legal states, Mr. Moxey’s Mints come with a promising slogan—”Microdosing you can trust”—and they’ve never let us down. We know some moms who swear by their 25:1 mints, which offer 25 mg of CBD with 1 mg of THC. The CBD-only version of Moxey’s Mints are available in many states nationwide, but their micro-dosed THC versions can be found in some of the 11 legal states as well.

Over in California, the Kiva Petra rules the mint scene.

Share an infused beverage

Moms live in a golden era of low-dose, tasty, cannabis-infused drinks. Track down a six-pack of California’s CANN micro-dose bubbly water, or Tinley’s non-alcoholic, coconut cask, cannabis-infused elixir in the flavor Pineapple Jack sativa.

In Washington, it’s worth sampling a couple bottles of Craft Elixirs artisanal small-batch syrups. Use them as a base to create a new alcohol-free (but potent) cocktail to share with mom at an appropriate social distance. Mix it in a smoothie, drizzle it over ice cream, or add a dollop to an espresso drink. Pancakes? Sure, why not.

In Oregon, California, Colorado, Washington, and Massachusetts, check out the Legal line of infused beverages. Lightly carbonated and fruity but not too sweet, their bottles come in 40mg and 100mg dosages. We’re partial to the pomegranate flavor, but the lemon-ginger makes a nice base for a delightful craft-it-yourself cocktail.

Chocolate, the classic

In California, Kiva owns Mother’s Day with exquisite chocolate: They’ve got the classic 100 mg Dark Chocolate Bar; or the Milk Chocolate Churro Bar, or the Gold Terra bites, or the Dark Chocolate Toffee Crunch. And don’t forget the Kiva blueberries—chocolate-covered blueberries infused with 5 mg THC each.

Sanctuary Medicinals of Massachusetts and New Hampshire offers a 145 mg dark chocolate bar.

And Incredibles of Massachusetts has a hit Bay State Chocolate Bar. See also in MA: Revolutionary Clinics’ strawberry cheesecake bar.


Hey, stop making cannabutter—this isn’t the ‘60s. Just buy baking ingredients like infused coconut butter, olive oil, and ghee.

See also: Massachusetts’ Azuca Maple Sugar 200 mg infused baking ingredient; Garden Remedies’ infused 4 oz honey.

Wellness rules

Women are driving the explosion in wellness uses for cannabis—stuff you don’t smoke, and that might not get you high. Some products may substitute for prescription drugs that address anxiety or pain. Here are some of the best.


In New York, The Botanist Boost tincture 20:1 is the perfect high-end medical wellness product. Also hot in New York: Green 1:1 chewable tablets.

Mary’s Medicinals’ THC Remedy tincture is famous coast to coast. So is Select Drops – 1:1 CBD:THC Lavender.

In Maryland, MPX Melting Point Extracts has a hit Peppermint Tincture (also comes in Blueberry Tincture).

Topicals and capsules

In Arizona, look for Sublime’s mineral bath salt soak, or Tru infusion’s 1:1 thc:cbd balm ,or mango gummies.

And look at this brand Arizona Organix—they got mom’s CBD lotion, lip balm, pineapple candies, watermelon gummies, even pomegranate syrup. You don’t have to smoke any of that stuff. Some of it only contains CBD, like their CBD capsules.

Massachusetts’ Garden Remedies woman-led & physician-led offerings include Manja Manja watermelon chews; medicated relief lotion; CBD capsules; Seven East vapes ‘Dream’ cartridge; strawberries and cream lip balm; Dr. Karen’s Unscented Relief Lotion; and orange breeze lip balm.

Verano of Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Washington has a Black Raspberry Road liquid THCa 1200mg; Menta Green Tea; and Winterment Menta Mints. They also have topicals like the: 1:1 Harmony Pain Relief Balm; Avexia Epsom Bath Salts; aand Lavender Epsom Salt Soak.

In California, don’t miss AbsoluteXtracts‘ highly medical SleepyTime Capsules.

Candies and caramel

Moms deserve a sweet treat. In Massachusetts, Betty’s Eddies Bedtime Fruit Chews are killing insomnia with honey, lemon, melatonin, and THC. The Berry Bombs are the bomb, too. Betty’s Eddies can be found in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Nevada. They also come in Extra Strength.

In Washington, don’t miss Phat Panda’s green apple candies, or their caramel salted CBD 10 pack.

Phat Panda of Washington has a stand-out green apple candy. (Phat Panda)

Phat Panda of Washington has a standout green apple candy. (Phat Panda)

Vapes, vapes, vapes

Moms like vapes because they can be discreet, low-dose, and come in a variety of effects and flavors.

Arizona and Oklahoma moms turn to Timeless Vapes’ Super Lemon Haze energy cartridge.

In Illinois, try Cresco’s very popular High Supply hybrid pen.

In Arizona, it’s Tryke’s Pineapple Diesel cart.

For the high-THC moms: Cresco has a Reserve line with Lime Sorbet Diamonds & Terp Sauce. Across the US, Select Oil’s Select Elite carts offer Gelato 33; Candyland; Cherry Pie; Wedding Cake. Meanwhile, California leader Raw Garden’s best bets for cartridges are Berries and Cream; Purple Lemonade; Nova Madness; Slurm Fuel; and Strawberry Jack.

CBD vaping

Cannabis’ second main active ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD), is saving many a mom from going cray-cray these days. New York’s Aqua 2:1 vape is a hit with the CBD crowd. On the West Coast, it’s Platinum Vapes’ Sour Tsunami CBD cart, or Bloom Farms’ CBD mini-vapor pens.


Lastly: you know what they say. ‘Give mom some cannabis, she’s lifted for a day. Teach mom how to buy cannabis, and she’s lifted for her lifetime.’

This Mother’s Day, show her how you use the Leafly app (iOS; Android) to shop for legal herbs nearby. Explain how delivery services—as well as online ordering, and curbside pickup—are her friend.


And finally, get mom some dope seeds! Just ask our gardening writer, Sunset Magazine’s Johanna Silver. Help mom find her zen in the garden with ten-packs of high-THC or high-CBD seeds from brands like Humboldt Seed Co available in select states coast to coast.

(David Downs/Leafly)

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