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Five strains to pair with watching anime

Published on April 6, 2021 · Last updated June 15, 2021
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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began one year ago, consumers have flocked to streaming services (and weed) to help pass the time. But it seems no matter how many streaming services one has, it feels like there’s never anything to watch. If you’ve reached a brick wall when it comes to content that will keep your interest, it just might be time to consider branching out.

In this case, we’re recommending anime—a Japanese style of animation that has become mainstream in the US, with services like Hulu and Netflix upping their lineup of anime offerings.

And because nothing pairs better with weed than watching TV, we put together this list of recommendations to complement your anime-watching experience.

Food Wars! (Shokugeki No Soma)

illustration of the main characters of Food Wars

Genre: Comedy

Mood: Hungry

Strain pairing: OG Kush Breath

Strain review: “a great strain. Definitely gives you the munchies for sure! Smelled great, tasted really good. Get it, you’ll enjoy it…just be ready to eat!”

If you love cooking shows, Food Wars! might be your best foray into anime. You’ll love the colorful close-ups of beautifully animated food with classic kitchen charades and fierce competition.

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We recommend OG Kush Breath, a calming hybrid, because you’re going to be hungry after watching this food-centric show, so you might as well smoke something that will give you the munchies.

Sailor Moon

Genre: Magical Girl


Strain pairing:Strawberry Cough

Strain review: “a nice spike of energy, and it didn’t cause me anxiety. Very uplifting and happy high. Nothing but smiles.”

Even if you haven’t seen the show, it’s hard to avoid pop culture references about it. Sailor Moon centers on female heroes who together fight evil while balancing being normal students during the day. It’s a wholesome, heart-warming show with color palettes that will make you nostalgic for the 1980s. We recommend the euphoric Strawberry Cough to make your mood as happy and care-free as the characters in the show.

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Black Clover

Main characters of Black Clover

Genre: Adventure and Fantasy


Strain pairing:Papaya Punch

Strain review: “super happy with a touch of the giggles and a body high.”

Black Clover is a story about two orphans who train to be magic knights in order to become the all-glorious Wizard King. Along the way these characters face hardships, dungeons, epic battles, and a little bit of romance. It’s a heartwarming story about underdogs that you can’t help but enjoy despite the quirkiness of the characters. Pair it with Papaya Punch, a strain that will ensure you are laughing at all the right parts of the show.

Attack on Titan

Genre: Action

Mood: Creative

Strain pairing:Berry White

Strain review: “relaxing at first, then the mood lift sets in. Perfect in the evening or for any social situation. This strain has personally inspired a couple of my creative works and deserves some recognition as a legend.”

Attack on Titan (AOT) is set in a world where humans live in walled-cities to survive against giant man-eating Titans who threaten their existence. This show is chock-full of drama, with enough twists and turns you might feel like you’re watching the anime equivalent of Game of Thrones ( because you are).

The intensity and insanity of AOT require a creative open mind. Because of this, we recommend pairing the show with Berry White, a strain known to boost creativity.

Tokyo Ghoul

Genre: Dark Fantasy


Strain pairing:Harlequin

Strain review:“a high that isn’t too overwhelming, but it’s still there. I feel uplifted, relaxed, but fully functional.”

Tokyo Ghoul is set in modern-day Tokyo and centers around Kaneki, a college student who has been transformed into half-human, half-ghoul. The show follows his evolution, hardships, and his struggle for survival. You can expect gory battles and heartbreak in this unique thriller.

To be able to keep up with the different storylines, we recommend pairing this anime with Harlequin, a CBD strain that will help your mind organize and better understand the story.

Do you have a favorite strain you enjoy while watching anime? We want to hear from you! Comment below or tweet us with your fav strain and show pairings on Twitter.

Editor’s note: Strain reviews have been lightly edited for clarity.

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