The Shake: Colorado Cops Can’t Keep Up With Cannabis Laws

Published on May 12, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

“No mas!” say Colorado cops. Leaders of the state’s three main law enforcement associations wrote a letter to lawmakers asking for a two-year pause in new cannabis laws. Local police, they say, “cannot keep up with the quantity and speed of constantly-changing marijuana law.” And yet somehow everybody else — including cannabis companies themselves — seems to find a way to keep up. We’re just saying.

Louisiana House approves a medical cannabis bill. Now it moves to the Senate. The bill allows access only through pharmacies. But pharmacies can’t handle federal Schedule I drugs without jeopardizing their DEA licenses. So Louisiana would allow a limited number of state-licensed “marijuana pharmacies.” Which are just dispensaries, right?

Yep, 12 million square feet oughta do it. A University of Washington study released today finds that the 12.3 million square feet of growing canopy currently approved by state regulators should be sufficient to satisfy Washington state’s entire cannabis market. The study was undertaken in part to determine if enough farming space was available to supply the state’s medical marijuana patients as they’re folded into the state’s regulated retail system.

Washington Expands Number of Retail Licenses

Colorado cannabis sales up 30 percent over 2015. That’s the word from the state Department of Revenue, which reports that Colorado shops sold more than $270 million in products during the first three months of 2016.

Toronto mayor looking into licensing dispensaries. The city’s ongoing MMJ dispensary boom has Mayor John Tory fretting over the impact on the city. He’s asked for a staff report on licensing options, and could act as early as June.

Hemp 101: What is Hemp, What's It Used for, and Why is It Illegal?

Kentuckians shun ancient fibrous plant grown in local fields. The owner of the Kentucky Cannabis Company, which is growing the fiber as part of the state Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program, finds himself in a bind. He’s had to slow production of the CBD oil made from his hemp because local business owners are refusing to sell him butane, which he uses to extract the CBD. “Uhh, we don’t deal with cannabis companies,” some have told him.

Corporate shenanigans at TheWeedBlog. Can’t get enough of the struggle over Sumner Redstone’s state of mind (sound, surprisingly) and the fight for control of Viacom? Then check out the drama at TheWeedBlog, where columnists Johnny Green and Jay Smoker are apparently in a dustup with a third member of the company, Steven Travis Maurer. Green’s password “has been changed without my authorization, again,” he writes. Which is so not cool, Steven. Play well with others, boys — we’re all fighting for the same cause.

Reschedule 420 Takes the Cannabis Cause to the White House

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