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Tired of Infused Chocolates? Try These Delicious Drinkable Edibles Instead

Published on April 26, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Now that cannabis is expanding across multiple markets, canna-connoisseurs have started sampling a variety of ways to consume this wonderful plant. Gone are the days of stale pot brownies and your friend’s less-than-stellar “happy cookies.” Now, we’re seeing five-course infused meals, hemp protein bars, and even infused honey sticks!

If you don’t feel like chowing down and would rather drink your THC (or CBD) instead, the following companies have got you covered. As with the catchphrase “there’s an app for that,” when it comes to cannabis, “there’s a product for that.”

Stillwater Mellow Mint Tea


Available in: Colorado

Stillwater’s Mellow Mint teas are designed for slow relaxation with just 2.5mg of THC per serving. With a delicate blend of caffeine-free Egyptian-sourced peppermint and water soluble, low-dose THC, Stillwater created these little packets with “a simpler, more peaceful life” in mind.

Dixie Elixirs Wild Berry Lemonade


Available in: Colorado, California, and Arizona

This limited edition Wild Berry Lemonade by Dixie Elixirs is sure to soothe any sweet tooth without being saccharine. And don’t let the bright packaging fool you — Dixie ensures no artificial coloring goes into their delicious drinks. Break these bottles out when the weather gets hot, and cool off with friends without the worry of overdoing it (each bottle comes with its own dosing cap for safe and steady consumption).

Ganja Grindz Roastmaster’s Blend Coffee


Available in: Arizona, California, and Oregon

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If you like a bit of caffeine with your cannabis, the dark roast Columbian Supremo blend in Ganja Grindz’s bottled cold brew coffee evokes a jolt of wakefulness while keeping you medicated. The non-GMO fair trade beans that go into every bottle mix perfectly with a good dose of THC produced by The Clear.

Sprig Sparkling Citrus Soda


Available in: California

Disappointed with the taste of other infused drinks, Sprig felt the need for a product that was light yet also carried a nice dose of THC. Enter Sprig’s Sparkling Citrus — a scientifically formulated beverage that doesn’t taste like you’ve just licked the leftover keif in your grinder. These cans carry a refreshing flavor that isn’t overwhelmed by the earthy notes characteristic to cannabis.

Canna Elixirs Soda


Available in: Colorado

Canna Elixirs offers such a vast array of tasty soda flavors that we can’t recommend just one! From classics like root beer to punchier options like Mango-Pineapple, there’s a soda for everyone’s tastes. Each bottle contains 100mg of active THC, so if you’re new to the cannabis scene remember to start slow on this one.

Cannabis Quencher Hibiscus 200


Available in: California and Washington (Washington Quencher’s do not exceed a 100mg THC limit)

If your looking for a beverage with a unique taste, look no further than Cannabis Quencher‘s Hibiscus 200. This deliciously tart beverage is a real heavy hitter with 200mg THC and a floral kick!

What are some of your favorite cannabis infused beverages? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hannah Meadows
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