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Yummiest THC gummies of summer 2023

Published on July 17, 2023 · Last updated August 2, 2023
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Leafly's experts sort through America's THC gummies to find the tastiest flavors for summer. Featuring lots of hash. (Leafly)

It’s that time of year, Leafly nation. The beach and lakes call for us, the long days tempt us to stay out late, and the cloying warmth makes sweet things taste even better. In some parts of the country, it may even be too hot to smoke right now or fire up your favorite dab rig. Enter, the time of the weed gummy.

I have tried (what seems like) millions of cannabis-infused THC edibles over the years—every flavor, every ration of cannabinoids, and every formulation. And time after time, I gravitate towards gummies, no matter the state of flavor, have a unifying commonality: a hash and/or rosin formula.

I truly believe a solventless-based gummy just hits different, and leaves you better than how it found you. So I scoured the states to find the best solventless option (or as close to it) that I could find to share with you. Temperatures are peaking, and so should you. Here are the best sweet, THC-laden treats to get there. If you want a CBD experience or just don’t like THC, we also have a couple tasty and effective options available nationwide.

Dee Thai gummies (CA)

Call these the zaza of gummies for their diverse, exclusive flavors. (Courtesy Dee Thai)

Thailand has quickly emerged as an Asian cannabis Mecca, but it has so much more to offer than just amazing weed. Its unique and varied food culture, particularly its fruit, has attracted a global audience for generations. Dee Thai founder Josh was shrewd enough to realize that Thai fruits are decadent, and work wonderfully in a gummy form. Dee Thai gummies are rosin-based, of course, in collaboration with Fidel’s of hash hole glory. But their flavors are what truly sets them apart, with options in Lychee, Tamarind, Mangosteen, and Jackfruit that you don’t see anywhere else. 

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Dulze Artisan Gummies (CA)

Dulze gummies are meant to be shared. (Courtesy Dulze)

Another California classic draws on the state’s Mexican and Chicano culture and legacy for a portfolio of flavors that shake up traditional offerings of berries and citrus. Dulze founder and formulator Mike Moya grew up in Texas, and moved out to California nearly a decade ago after a friend showed him a video about cannabis extraction and butter infusion; he was intrigued.

“Food has guided me throughout my life,” he says. “I started smoking when I was in college, and it helped with depression, pain management—it changed my lifestyle.” He started making edibles, and even shared some with his family who lived in Mexico. His grandmother, who had polio, gave him her “abuelita approved” blessing. And three years ago, Dulze was born.

Dulze gummies are microdosed bites—you get 50 gummies at 2 mg each per bag, which is shaped like a sugar skull. That’s 50 bites of sabores like Chili Watermelon, Horchata, and Margarita you can munch on in a group or stagger over time. They’re also solventless, made with indoor flower and a coconut oil base.

“I still feel like we’re barely scratching the surface,” Moya says. “It’s just a different lane.”

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Good Tide gummies (CA, OR, CO)

(Courtesy Good Tide Gummies)

Few edible brands have become so ubiquitous across the West Coast as Wyld, whose rectangular, fruit-flavored gummies quickly shot to the top of multiple states’ Headset sales data. Last year, they upped the ante with Good Tide, a line of vegan gummies with more tropical flavors and a solventless hash rosin-based formula. There are three flavors, Mango, Guava, and Pineapple, that correspond with the gummies’ intended effects (indica, hybrid, sativa), color-coded just like the original line. 

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Hash and Flowers’ whole plant fresh frozen gummies. Founder Terrence Mines tells Leafly that “rosin is medicine,” and the plant material is the backbone of any edible experience. His Hash and Flowers vegan THC gummies come in three sour flavors, watermelon, mango (which has CBN), and pineapple, and consumers can expect a pure experience that even mimics the chosen strain’s effects.

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Cannatini RSO gummies (MA)

It’s five o’clock somewhere. (Courtesy Milly Brands)

It’s hard to be a Masshole when you’re couched in whole-plant extract goodness. Massachusetts has a number of great edible options, even solventless options, but few are privy to the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil, aka RSO. Like rosin, RSO is a full-spectrum extract, and has been used by patients for decades to help them cope with symptoms from various illnesses and chronic conditions.

It admittedly doesn’t taste great, so Milly Brands’ Cannatini gummy line have couched it in fruit flavors; while we don’t love that they’re named after alcoholic beverages, names like Cranberry Lime Mojito and Tropical White Sangria do sound delicious. They dose Cannatini gummies at 10mg per piece.

MKX Live Hash Rosin Gummies (MI)

MKX Hash rosin gummies
The Great Lake state just got a new lake day companion. (Courtesy MKX)

Michigan does nothing by halves. MKX, one of Michigan’s frontrunners in cannabis innovation, has a personal connection to RSO’s efficacy; the founder’s own father used it. They’re best known for their oils and extracts, but their hash rosin gummies stand out amidst a full edible roster.

Their line of solventless gummies are made in collaboration with local cultivators Pressure Pack and extractors North Coast Extracts, and use nano-emulsions to speed up activation times. They have one of the broadest selections for single-strain rosin gummies; you can try gummies made with Apples and Bananas, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Rainbow Zkittlez. 

Rezinators (NY)

These gummies with resonate with you. (Courtesy Naturae)

Naturae founder Nicolas Guarino knew New York consumers have a palate for innovation—like duh! The brands under Naturae, like Jaunty and Jumbodose, were dialed into distillation and ethanol extraction, but he wanted more. After connecting with California’s Critical Concentrates, an opportunity to go solventless was born. Rezinators is the result, an initial launch with planned expansion with the coming harvest. 

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“I’m a gummy guy, even outside of cannabis,” he tells Leafly, and that most gummies made with solvents just a couple years ago left a film in his mouth. Rezinators, by contrast, are vegan and formulated with a chef to ensure ideal texture. Rezinators are current offer two flavors, Sour Apple and Tropical Mango, made with Pineapple Haze and Papa Smurf rosin. “It’s such a balanced, full-body high,” he describes the hash-based edible experience, “almost psychedelic.” Ideal for a weekend or chill evening, but maybe not a day-to-day product.

Good Things Coming gummies (AZ)

watermelon gummies
Good things are coming, we promise. (Courtesy Good Things Coming)

Cannabis has a unique influence on time. Sometimes you feel a single moment stretch on forever, sometimes the future seems so bright, and sometimes the past can rear up and scare us. But in Arizona, one edible company believes, literally, that Good Things (are) Coming. This solventless company also does cold cure rosin carts, concentrates, and sun-grown flower, and added their gummies to the lineup last year. They offer three flavors, blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and watermelon, dosed at 10mg per piece, with current batches made with Dosilato-based rosin for a stony, jubilant hybrid effect. 

High Road solventless gummies (MT)

Take the high, high road. (Courtesy High Road Edibles)

Montana is home to some of the country’s most beautiful national parks, and you need an edible worthy of helping elevate the natural splendor. High Road already had a great handle on the edible game (our friends at High Times named them a Best Brand of 2022), but true cannasseurs never coast on their laurels. Partnering with Groove Solventless to supply the live hash rosin, High Road has produced a line just in time. Each flavor—watermelon, passion fruit, mango—is matched to a specific strain, which include classic Sour Diesel and the more modern Sundae Driver. They dosed them at 10 mg each, perfect for a long hike or sharing at the top of a canyon.

CloudWalker Gomitas (NM)

Gomitas gummies bowl
These gomitas satisfy unique cravings and cases of the blues. (Courtesy CloudWalker)

Southwest vegans rejoice! CloudWalker Farm has applied their same heritage approach in growing their flowers to producing their vegan gummies. Founder James Walker draws on his Latino heritage to curate flavors not often seen in your local dispensary’s edible lineup. Their 10 mg “gomitas” come in flavors like Red Chile Cherry, Horchata, and Pina Mango, and they offer both CBD and THC formulas of 10 mg each, all made from their farm’s flower rosin. 

FloraCal Farms Live Rosin Gummies (IL)

Cali to the Midwest, and beyond! (Courtesy FloraCal Farms)

California sensibilities came to the Midwest with Cresco’s acquisition of FloraCal Farms. The Sonoma-founded brand made a name for themselves with quality flower, and rosin carts and concentrates, but the same sensibilities apply to their rosin gummies. Made with an ice water process, the gummies come in flavors like Pink Lemonade and Grape, with a sativa, hybrid, and indica option, and are dosed at 10 mg of THC a pop.

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Smokey Okie’s solventless gummies (OK)

Yee haw! In Oklahoma’s vast medical cannabis industry, I’m actually more surprised there aren’t more solventless options. But Smokey Okie’s Cannabis know what they’re doing, and use an informed approach to as to why solventless formulas offer more benefits than a distillate-based gummies, and how consumers can shop for their edibles when you don’t have the same array of terpenes, cannabinoids and strain that you do in flower, vapes, and concentrates. Their gummy batches are dosed at 10mg apiece, made from a single strain, Mind Flayer and California Dream for the initial run, and are flavored with mango, blueberry, and lemon.

CAMP solventless gummies (NV)

CAMP triangle gummies orange flavor
CAMP gummies bring an artisanal touch to your go-to gummy. (Courtesy CAMP)

CAMP, a brand by TheSource+ cannabis company and dispensary, was the first brand in Nevada to offer solventless cannabis products. Solventless gummies came later, but they partnered with chefs Becky Quan and Ricky McCormick, both of whom have worked in Michelin-ranked kitchens, to formulate a gummy that’s just as decadent as it is dank. Their gummies are triangular, and dosed at 5 mg each. Currently they only offer hybrid formulas, and in accessible fruit flavors like peach and orange. 

Wyld’s CBD + CBN Peach gummies (nationwide)

white jar of gummies overlaid on illustration of peaches
(Courtesy of Wyld)

Plenty of CBD products get pitched as beneficial for your mood, but few have felt as explicitly uplifting to me as the CBD + CBN Peach gummies from Oregon-based powerhouse Wyld

We can likely credit Wyld’s 20mg CBD+10 mg CBN formulation here for the impressive and robust effect; the latter, lesser-known cannabinoid boasts a reputation for combatting depression, especially when paired with CBD and/or THC. (Of note: this product qualifies as “broad spectrum,” since it contains a range of cannabinoids but zeroTHC.) 

These gummies taste as well as they perform. Including actual fruit, they explode with rich peach flavor. Blessedly, they don’t come overloaded with sugar, either, allowing you to focus more on the natural flavor at play.

Greater Goods’ Blackberry Sleep CBD+CBN gummies (nationwide)

two gummy jars with blue labels
(Courtesy of Greater Goods)

Looking for a tasty treat to help you wind down at the end of a long summer day? We can’t get enough of the CBD+CBN Sleep gummies from Portland, Oregon’s Greater Goods.

Each gummy packs 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD and 5 mg of cannabinol (CBN), sourced from GG’s neighbors, East Fork Cultivars. Research shows that CBN can induce sleepiness when it interacts with THC, and I certainly found that to be the case when I ate one of the delicious gummies earlier this week: thirty minutes later, I found myself parked on the couch, ready to conk out.

The gummies also boast a vibrant blackberry flavor and a pleasant chewiness. Fair warning: you might also find it hard to eat just one.

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