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Budhunter: California weed steals and deals to remember this November

Published on November 12, 2021 · Last updated March 11, 2022
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Bag limit alert! Budhunter locates the sub-$200 ounces of California. (Leafly)

Psst—your guy won’t tell you this, but: Four years into legalization, California is awash in legal tree, and savvy smokers need not pay more than $200 per ounce. Leafly’s new deals digest, Budhunter, tracks down those specials below.

We’ve done the math, and roughly 823 licensed delivery services and stores in Cali stand ready to put your order in a bag and drive it to you, or have it waiting at the register.

Budhunter monitored ever-changing dispensary menus—from the chic boutiques of the Bay Area to the sandy shops of San Diego—for the best bargains on flower, edibles, and cartridges. Then, we interviewed brands and dispensaries to get the story behind our finds.

Advertisers cannot buy picks in Leafly News’ independent Budhunter. If we won’t smoke it, we don’t pick it. So stay lit with these best buys on Leafly and order before they’re gone.

Average retail cannabis prices in California this November

AmountAverage price
1 gram of flower$14
1 edibles package$22
1/8 ounce of flower (3.5 grams)$34
1-gram vape cartridge$50
1/4 ounce of flower (7 grams)$58
1/2 ounce of flower (14 grams)$88
1 ounce of flower (28.5 grams)$168
Source: Leafly marketplace data
What does cannabis look like? A visual guide to cannabis quantities

Bargains on weed in Los Angeles

Farmer and the Felon Double OG Chem X Honey Buns. (David Downs/Leafly)
Farmer and the Felon Double OG Chem X Honey Buns. (David Downs/Leafly)

Stay away from untested, street weed, Los Angelenos. It’s so easy to find clean ganja in LA, and the LBC. Drop these weed picks in the bag, check out, and get on with your best life.

Just landing in LAX? MedMen LAX has a Cali greeting ready for you with:

  • $160 ounces from Farmer and the Felon
  • $85 ½ ounces of Miss Grass strains
  • $8 pre-rolls from Selfies, and Caliva

Or get delivery all across LA with Budee. We suggest their:

  • $90 ½ ounces from the Marley brand Evidence
  • 3 for $65 1/8ths of select strains from West Coast Treez
  • Or buy two get 1 for $1 on ½-gram BLOOM carts

Ditto Lyt Delivery—put these in your bag, stat:

  • $150 ounces of Flyt Smalls
  • $20 1/8-ounces of Old Pal
  • $11.50 CRU infused pre-rolls
  • and $6.75 Outa Space infused pre-rolls
We found the city with the lowest weed tax in California

And over at the Cannabis Culture Club of Long Beach:

Jeeter infused (David Downs/Leafly)
Jeeter infused (David Downs/Leafly)
  • $150.74 ounces from Farmer and the Felon
  • $19.86 1/8-ounces of Dime Bag strains
  • $18.57 Jeeter infused pre-rolls
  • $5.20 Big Tree pre-rolls
  • and a $4.43 Roller’s Delight pre-roll

And if you’re kicking it in West Hollywood? We’d hit The Artist Tree store and delivery for:

  • $ 150 ounces of Indica from High Supply
  • $20 1/8-ounces of Pacific Stone Blue Dream or Kush Mints
  • $20 Kiva Camino gummies
  • $11 100mg gummies from Good News
  • or $6 Artist Tree pre-rolls

Bargain brand to know: Pacific Stone

Name: Pacific Stone
Specialty: High-quality, value-priced flower
Headquarters: Santa Barbara County
Secret to their sauce: Pacific Stone grows their own flower in greenhouses year-round. They harvest 37,000 plants per week—maintaining both quality control and cost-control.

“We are masters of cultivation, using economies of scale to produce large amounts. Our goal is to be the best bang for your buck. People tell us with us, they are ballin’ on a budget.”
—Andrew Walker, director of wholesale operations/quality control, Pacific Stone

Best weed bargains in the Bay Area

Kiva Camino Sours. (David Downs/Leafly)
Kiva Camino Sours. (David Downs/Leafly)

Haters gonna hate—it’s still a frickin’ crazy-good time to shop legal and tested THC in NorCal.

Get solid, bargain ounces delivered from Amuse—ranging from:

  • $99 ounces of from Roots, like Iced Lemonnade
  • $100 ounces of Pacific Stone strains
  • $215 ounces of Claybourne Co. strains

and don’t forget the edibles. We found the following deals:

  • $8.40 for 75mg THC Sativa ProTabs
  • $14 100mg Korova Cinnamon Toast

Order from Emjay in the Bay for easy, cheap finds like:

Claybourne Co. Kush Mints (Courtesy Claybourne Co.)
Claybourne Co. Kush Mints (Courtesy Claybourne Co.)
  • $60 per ounce smalls from Dan’s Cola (SF market exclusive)
  • $210 ounces from Claybourne Co. like Apple Fritter, Marshmallow OG, or Larry MO
  • $35 1/4-ounces of Pacific Stone Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Private Reserve


  • $17 Kiva Camino gummies
  • $20 Cann 4-packs

We also love the retailer/deliverer Purple Star MD for serving all tax brackets. Check:

  • $20 1/4-ounces of Purple Star Special Blend (38.54% THC)
  • $119.99 ounces from Humboldt Grower’s Network
  • $55 1/4-ounces of Flor; like Peanut Butter Breath
The California pre-roll battle royale 2021

Bargains on weed in San Diego

Big bag: Miss Grass prices half-ounces to move. (Courtesy Miss Grass)
Big bag: Miss Grass prices 1/2-ounces to move. (Courtesy Miss Grass)

Our San Diego friends have all the best Mexican food and surfing. Pair as follows.

Budee delivers the good-good all around S.D., with finds like:

  • $115 1/2-ounces of Miss Grass strains
  • $30 1/4-ounces of Frosted Melon from Farm Direct
  • $18 100mg Punch chocolates
  • $16 120mg Yummi Karma Strawberry Drops
  • and buy one, get one for $1 on CLSICS extracts

Golden State Greens Pt. Loma serves edibles chompers with:

(Courtesy PROTAB)
(Courtesy PROTAB)
  • $15 100mg FLAV sour gummy belts
  • $10 100mg DRIVN bars
  • $10 100mg LEVEL tablets

and don’t forget

  • High Life 1/2-ounces for $130
  • or North Star 1/4 ounces for $35

And finally, with 1,000 menu items—A Green Alternative has got you covered:

  • $130.22 1/2-ounces of Ice Cream Cake from Claybourne Co.
  • $96.01 ounces of House Sour Kosher
  • $60.48 ounces of Roller’s Delight shake

See also

  • $10.97 rosin infused pre-roll from CLSICS
  • $8.07 100mg gummies from DRIVN
  • $19 100mg Punch fruit snacks

That’s it for California this November—go fill those jars.

Like Budhunter? Turn on Leafly push notifications in your Leafly app’s ‘account’ settings, and get to the bag first.

See a good deal? Comment below, and we’ll shout out fellow budhunters next month.

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