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Canadian Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Linalool

Published on September 5, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

‘Lavender with a hint of spice’ sounds like a wonderfully relaxing bath bomb, but it’s also the scent profile of linalool, a terpene found in essential oils, plants, and also (you guessed it) cannabis.

Shown to be effective against anxiety and decreasing aggressive behaviour, linalool could be a great helper to someone who is prone to stress or anxious tendencies.Join the Leafly Canada Community

What does this mean for us?

There’s a reason most relaxing wellness products contain smells like lavender—the soothing, relaxing notes bring balance to anxious energies.

With this, linalool has been shown to help users in increasing social interactions and attaining relaxation. Sounds pretty great to us.

Check out these Linalool rich strains at a dispensary near you:

Banana Split (Luna) by Aurora

Just as the name suggests, Banana Split (also known as Luna) fills the air with the scents of ripe tropical bananas with a fruity sour finish. This mild THC potency strain is said to deliver a calming, mood enhancing experience that leaves you social and focused.

Banana Split is known to be a great evening/night time strain if you’re heading out with friends. Users have also reported Banana Split having a very smooth mouthfeel, making it all the more enjoyable to smoke.

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Gabriola (Frost Monster) by Broken Coast

An indica dominant hybrid from Broken Coast, Gabriola got its nickname Frost Monster from its dense trichome coverage all over its foxtailed buds.

This potent THC strain ranges from 16-26% with 0-2% CBD. At first inhale, scents of sweet, sour, and spice hit your nose while the exhale offers spicy, earthy, pepper notes. Gabriola has been described as a happy and euphoric high that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

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Sunset by Leafs by Snoop

Novice users beware, this strain is described to be a highly sedative, couch-locking, high potency strain with THC ranging from 18-28%.

Best saved for nighttime use, Sunset is said to also have strong body effects paired with stunning euphoric, mood enhancing feelings. Spicy pepper and clove scents are noted with earthy undertones.

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Indica by Houseplant

Have your fridge stocked and your favourite movie ready to go as Indica by Houseplant is said to be a strong couch-lock inducing strain that will leave you hungry and chilled out.

This earthy, floral, and musky strain is said to be quite physically relaxing while leaving your mind upbeat and happy. Approach this strain in moderation with its high THC content ranging from 15-25%, and clear your calendar when diving in.

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Sense by Solei

Citrusy diesel and earthy flavours hit you the moment you open its package. Sense is described as a mood enhancer with cerebral bursts of creativity and focus that start to wind down into a strong mental and body relaxation.

Sense can range from mildly potent to very strong potency with THC payoffs ranging from 9-28%. Reviewers say Sense is a great after work strain, or used in the evening.

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