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5 Fun Cannabis Games to Play While High

Published on November 21, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Gather your friends and spend the night in elevated hilarity with these five excellent cannabis-themed games. The objective: Get as elevated as you want while conquering harvests, rolling dice, or completing goofy tasks. By cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts, these games will liven up your next smoke session and provide a fun alternative to your typical cannabis-infused activities.

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Game of ZONK by Game of Zonk


Meant to be played while totally lifted, Game of ZONK comes with its very own pipe, all you must do is provide the cannabis. The objective is to be the first to reach 10,000 points by throwing dice and taking hits along the way. It’s the perfect excuse to consume cannabis surrounded by your favorite people.

Pot Farm: The Board Game by East Side Games

(Courtesy of East Side Games)

If you loved the original Facebook game of Pot Farm, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has an equally fun board game twin. Pot Farm: The Board Game is the brainchild of East Side Games and continues the cannabis-growing odyssey, in which two to four players must dodge Ranger Dick while tending to their harvests. Come out on top with the most lucrative farm and you’ll conquer the cannabis growing market.

Pass the Grass

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Easy to follow and wildly fun, you’ll want to roll a few joints before starting Pass the Grass. Hop from square to square to complete challenges while satisfying your munchies and getting increasingly elevated. By the end of the game, you may win a hefty jackpot—but if not, you’ll still have enjoyed an hour or two spent in side-splitting hilarity.

420: The Card Game by Brotato Games


Conceptualized and developed by two innovative smokers (while high, no less), 420: The Card Game is simple, hilarious, and a true testament to cannabis-induced creativity. Each person takes a turn pulling cards and playing them toward another player; players must then decide to perform the action or answer the question on the card. If they refuse, they lose a point and you gain one. Take a puff on your bowl or a passing joint whether you win or lose—either way, you’ll be teary-eyed with laughter by the time the winner is crowned.

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Stoner City

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Stoner City by ICUP is the Monopoly for cannabis enthusiasts, incorporating cannabis culture into every space. Player pieces come in the form of bongs or joints, and you must gain cash to grow your own business and gather the most cannabis. Try not to land on the same square as the cop car or you can neither pass GROW nor collect $200.

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