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Leafly’s Holiday Gifts: Made in California

Published on December 5, 2019 · Last updated September 30, 2020
(Alex Manning/Leafly)

The mindscape that energized this Gift Guide’s curation. If unlimited possibility is your happy place, we give California cannabis our sunniest two thumbs up. You can procure the below in the Golden State and must enjoy them there as well. #knowthelaw #nostatelines

Chocolate Bites Edible Holiday Bundle


Brought to you by Satori 

Satori uses globally sourced ingredients to provide handcrafted microdoses created by a bonafide chocolatier. The Satori Edible Holiday Bundle features multiple Satori chocolate bites in flavors like chocolate-covered CBD-rich sweet and salty almonds, wild strawberries in milk chocolate, and Highbush blueberries in dark chocolate to delight even the pickiest palettes with a sweet treat rich in taste and cannabinoids.

Holiday Edition Private Stock Premium Big Bud Ounce


Brought to you by Claybourne Co.

When quality and quantity meet, you get the Claybourne Co. Private Stock Premium Big Bud Ounce. Claybourne takes extra care in only including the biggest nugs in this jar of goodness, giving the eyes something to behold as the lucky receiver of this gift reaches in for more. If you’re smart, you’ll only give this treat to someone you adore, so you can help them get to the bottom of the jar and see what Claybourne’s private stock is really all about.

Eighth ounce jars of premium indoor flower


Brought to you by Trees by Game

Music and cannabis enthusiasts alike would enjoy an eighth of flower from Trees by Game as a present this year. Choose crowd favorites from rap icon, The Game—Jack Hammer, Wedding Cake, Rascal OG, & Mac Dawg—for the profiles that will make your loved one’s hearts sing, or break out into a spontaneous verse of “How We Do.” If that happens, you’ll know you’ve helped them find a good strain and a good vibe, too!

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Kings Garden live resin diamonds


(Alex Manning/Leafly)

Kings Garden went hard when they made their live resin diamonds—a gorgeous, syrupy treat for any concentrate lover. If the robust floral scent isn’t awe-inspiring enough, the potent hits will be. As a cherry on top, Kings Garden’s live resin diamonds are packaged in a little jar that could easily be mistaken for a high-end cosmetic, making it a lovely gift to unwrap and enjoy.

Premium Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Pre-rolls


Brought to you by Kaviar

Kaviar’s mission to provide consistent, high-quality cannabis products to the masses has resulted in their indica, sativa, and hybrid pre-rolls. When you’re not sure what to give someone, a Kaviar pre-roll with a classy glass tip is always a smart option—allowing the receiver to pick the right place and the right time to bliss out and enjoy their sustainably grown, batch-tested flower. Get a few to keep on hand for the people you think truly deserve this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Boxes – Silver and Gold


Brought to you by STIIIZY

STIIIZY’s liquid live resin and cannabis derived terpenes feature wildly popular strains like Jack Herer and Ghost Train Haze in their proprietary concentrate pods. STIIIZY uses ingredients and inspiration from natural flora to deliver consistent hits from their eye-catching limited edition silver and gold batteries.

Snag a gold or silver battery for the holidays before they are all gone, knowing that the metallic-loving cannabis connoisseur in your life can use it to feel merry and bright all year long.

Raw Garden live resin vape cartridge


Do you know anyone who stood strong through the ups and downs of the vapescape this year? Raw Garden’s live resin vape cart is a single-source treat that they might enjoy. Find them in strains like Beach Party and Cosmic Bliss and prepare to tell the recipient exactly where you got the inspo to give such a stellar gift.

Baby Jeeter Strawberry Cough infused joints


(Alex Manning/Leafly)

Jeeter’s Strawberry Cough infused joints are about as cute as they come. Choose if you want to give them all at once, or share the five mini-joints one at a time like the generous little elf you are. Strawberry Cough’s sativa dominance makes these infused joints an ideal offering at your book club’s otherwise relaxed holiday party—where the kiefy outsides and waxy core can really open up the conversation.

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