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Leafly’s Holiday Gifts: Vapes, bongs, and rigs

Presented Byvapor.comPublished on December 5, 2019 · Last updated September 30, 2020
(Alex Manning/Leafly)

This category of the Leafly Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by vapor.com, supplying all things vapor for a variety of tastes, experience levels, and price points. 

Puff, puff, give. Surprise the enthusiast on your list with a deluxe trip to the clouds. A high tech vaporizer, a fresh dab rig, or a new bong would send any connoisseur straight up to the smoker’s stratosphere.

KandyPens OURA Vaporizer


Brought to you by vapor.com

The KandyPens OURA was made for sharing dense vapor with all of your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you might not ponder keeping it for yourself. The powerful 3000mAh battery, quartz, or ceramic atomizer options, and button-less design are three of the many reasons you might decide to keep this e-rig at your house, and give your visitors the gift of dense vapor instead. Four preset temperatures are calibrated for thick clouds of flavorful pulls, while the removable bulb makes sipping or chugging vapor a reality. Get the OURA in a variety of colors that fit the cool personalities of you and your friends.

AirVape X Vaporizer


Brought to you by vapor.com

Made for “the cool one” in your group, the AirVape X is a sleek vaporizer that fits any vibe perfectly. With a ceramic chamber and bright display, the AirVape X stands out with its combination conduction-convection technology that delivers desktop-like vapor from the palm of your hand. Haptic feedback lets you know when your temperature is met, while the rapid heating ensures you won’t be waiting long.

Grav Menorah Bong


Grav’s Menorah Bong doesn’t require any oil or candles, but it does require the thoughtful planning of what kind of flower you’ll put in each of its eight bowls. It’s a gift the whole family can enjoy during the holidays, whether you’re planning a single session or eight crazy nights. Break it out every year as your favorite group gathers for the holidays, putting the spirit (and aroma) of cannabis in the air!

(Alex Manning/Leafly)

PuffCo Sunset Peak


The Sunset Peak from Puffco mimics the shades of the setting sun while providing unique user heat settings, intelligent temperature calibration, and a charging experience under two hours. The e-rig comes with its own carrying case and a rugged silicone base, so the user never has to be too far from the starry sky design or their favorite concentrates.

HoneyStick 510 Twist Vape Battery


Brought to you by vapor.com

There’s nothing wrong with a practical gift, and the Honeystick 510 Twist vape battery is just that. Vape lovers will be happy to receive a reliable piece of hardware to power their favorite 510 cartridges, and you’ll be happy about providing them with a useful gift at a manageable price point! The helpful pre-heat function, adjustable voltage, and high capacity battery make it a solid offering for anyone on your list that loves to vape.

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer


Brought to you by vapor.com

The vapor purist in your circle will rejoice at the DaVinci MIQRO, constructed with an all-zirconium ceramic vapor path and mouthpiece to maintain the taste of your dry flower. The special someone you give it to can use the MIQRO SMART PATH feature to apply specific temperatures and benefit from the vaporizer’s unique design, which includes an adjustable oven pearl that helps maximize the vape experience when herb is scarce.

Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer


Brought to you by vapor.com

The delicate flavors and aromas of terpenes are like the gift that keeps on giving when enjoying a concentrate. Help your favorite concentrate lovers keep their dabs discreet with the breath-activated Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer. With no buttons or bulky batteries, this vaporizer pen looks just like a sophisticated pen you’d see in a classy briefcase or designer purse, preserving the privacy of your loved one while giving them a terp-driven experience just about anywhere.

G Pen Connect x Higher Standards Riggler Bundle


Brought to you by vapor.com

G Pen and Higher Standards came together for a bundle sure to blow the socks off someone on your gift list. As the G Pen Connect heats your concentrate at the ideal temperature, the form and function of the Higher Standards Riggler allows a vape-on-glass connection to filter vapor through a downstem that creates fine bubbles and smooth vapor. A spring-loaded carb release button and patented reverse airflow technology combine to deliver thick clouds in seconds. Easy to use and easy to clean, the G Pen Connect x Higher Standards Riggler Bundle is a concentrate enthusiast’s dream.

BRNT Hexagon


Minimalists who otherwise wouldn’t dare mess up their aesthetic will squeal with glee when you present them with the BRNT Hexagon. This dishwasher-safe ceramic bong comes with three interchangeable bowls for a hit that feels just right, and as an added bonus, the person who gets this gift from you can put their Hexagon in the freezer for a truly chill session.

(Alex Manning/Leafly)

My Bud Vase Coyōté


The earthy tones and texture of Coyote from My Bud Vase will be a highlight in the rustic home of someone you love. Its gorgeous design is stylish enough to serve as a piece of art when it’s not being used for fun and festivity. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone that wants to hide their bong in plain sight or show it off to everyone that enters their home as a crown jewel in their cannabis gear collection.

Envy Dichro Coated Recycler


If you know someone bold and beautiful that you want to give a gift to, the Envy Dichro Coated Recycler should be on your list of considerations. It’s gorgeous colors shift and shine into beautiful rainbows that provide an extra visual treat to any smoke session. Give it to the most vibrant concentrate lover you know.

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