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6 strains that will prepare you to vote in November

Published on August 20, 2020

We can’t look back at 2020 and say that there were only lows. If you choose to be optimistic, we’ve won more somethings than nothings.

We’ve made the best out of social distancing and keeping safe from COVID-19—discovering new things about ourselves and our families. We’ve peacefully protested for justice, began changing policies, and empowered our communities. Our advocacy for releasing non-violent prisoners with cannabis charges has been given the spotlight the issue deserves.

Now, it’s time to keep our eyes on the prize, show up to the polls, and vote this November because it remains true that if you like cannabis, you should love voting. It’s the main reason that legalization has come this far, and the only way we will continue to make progress and increase access.

Here are some strains that will help make voting as easy as packing a bowl.

Durban Poison

For meeting this historic moment

durban poison, cannabis strain

Durban Poison is your wake-up call—literally and metaphorically. Let this fruity strain hype you up for the election season ahead, so you’ll be in the right headspace for the influx of information, potential lines at the polls, and careful social distancing while you wait.

Since we’ve still got some time before Election 2020, this productivity-booster is also a great strain to smoke while you read up on candidates and make sure you’re registered to vote. Embrace Durban Poison’s vitality, and check your voter registration status as soon as possible. It only takes minutes.

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LA Chocolat

For being sick and tired of racism and police brutality

When you had enough of the world, protested, cried, and mourned the violence on Black bodies plaguing your social feeds, you often need a little something to help unwind. Find a little peace and roll up a fat one with some LA Chocolat—a strain that gets it.

(Courtesy of Cannaclusive)

Calm the riots in your mental, and spark up as you process everything that’s happening in the midst of all the election coverage. Whether you want to use it to inspire calm within or find a little escapism with your favorite summer flick (Black is King, anyone?), this strain will at least help you tolerate the onslaught of political commercials as you watch TV.

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Blue Dream

For researching candidates and rules

blue dream

Blue Dream is a popular pick for many, and a great strain to try while figuring out the rules for early and mail-in voting in your state. Smoke this strain to help with state-specific voting research; like learning where your state stands on legalizing marijuana or topics like absentee voting.

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Early voting can be done by having an absentee ballot requested and delivered to your home, or picking up a ballot when they become available and submitting it at an early voting site. Different states have different rules about notarization, dropping off neighbors’ ballots, and other seemingly small things—so make sure that you read up!

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Jet Fuel

For engaging in healthy debate

Ready to host a virtual happy hour and discuss the candidates? Jet Fuel will also fuel the conversation!

Illustration of people on computer laptop screen taking together or chatting with friends

This high-energy strain will make you want to dive deep into the issues that are important to you, and help motivate the homies to show up to the polls. Remember, voting this November is bigger than us. Help your crew figure out where their polling sites are or volunteer to text them reminders as we approach Election Day.

Oh, and for an added experience: try smoking this strain with a little lavender, and thank me later.

Thin Mint

For coping with voter suppression

Thin Mint

Thin Mint is a strain for standing in solidarity against the challenges of voter suppression. For coming together and finding strength. It will help you shake insomnia, keep tabs on your COVID depression, and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

From long lines to scant voting sites to attacks on the USPS, voter suppression is executed in several different ways. These efforts directly affect us all and do even more damage by disenfranchising voters in communities of color. Thin Mint will help you find the resolve you need to make it all the way to the polls and punch your ballot.

Goji OG

For the election night

Goji OG is a wavy high that is the pinnacle of happy, hungry, and sleepy—making it perfect for election night. It will make you want to vibe to Meg the Stallion, laugh at a standup (something Dave Chappelle- or Katt Williams-related), order take-out, and get cozy at home, while you wait for the results to roll in.

Man eagerly awaits election results from his living room

Load up on munchies and figure out what network you want to watch the coverage on. Better yet, take the night off from caring, vegetate, and wake up rested and ready to hear who won.

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Umarah Mughnee
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