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Sub Pop at 30: Smell the Magic

Published on August 7, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Sub Pop is the label that defines Seattle music, and goes hand in hand with cannabis culture, too. Now 30 years in the making, the Sub Pop catalog has exactly what you want to hear no matter where your ganja groove takes you. Whether it’s aggro, indie pop, grunge, comedy, or hip-hop, Sub Pop has a complete soundtrack for your smoke out. Here’s a quick riff on the label’s history, celebrating 30 years of epic NW music and, of course, a few choice strains.

 Heavy Hitters

From their very first Mudhoney single  Sub Pop invited you to tune way down and turn it up. In honor of those raucous acts, like Tad, The Murder City Devils and L7 (who quite literally invite you to Smell the Magic), we suggest the heartiest, dankest, skunkiest indica you can find: King Louis XIII, named for a monarch very into his own personal odor. This bad boy tests well over 20% and is really, truly (forgive us) grungy.

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Good & Giggly

Not just the home of notable music, Sub Pop also covers comedy. Whether it’s delivered via stand up or musical form, your favorites from Flight of the Conchords to Bob’s Burgers can be found on the lighter side of the label.  Fruity Pebbles OG (FPOG) a tropical, berry flavored nug reminiscent of its cereal namesake is the bud for you. FPOG’s euphoric effects make it the perfect companion strain for your ensuing laugh riot.

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Cosmic Hip-Hop

If you find yourself fortunate enough to employ Ishmael Butler, you make the most of it. Since bringing the former Digable Planets rapper aboard with his project Shabazz Palaces, Sub Pop has expanded into a heady brand of trippy, genre-bending, best-consumed-while-stoned hip hop. Inhale deeply as you enjoy tracks from Seattle breakthrough stars Thee Satisfaction, or new acts Yuno and Knife Knights.

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Enhance your experience with a hybrid meant for just that, LSD, whose psychotropic effects will have you engaged in every note of these brilliantly produced records.

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Sensitive White Boys

The company is currently run by a woman and their subsidiary Hardly Art is one of the most feminist/queer-friendly imprints in the world. But make no mistake about it, no matter if they are accompanied by a screeching electric guitar, plucky pop punk, or heavenly vocal harmonies, Sub Pop is a temple built on the feelings of sensitive white boys. They are too numerous to individually list but run the gamut from Iron and Wine, to Ben Gibbard to Greg Dully to Father John Misty to Ben Bridwell to Jeremy Enigk and on and on and … On.

Without a shred of irony we nominate the strain God’s Gift to accompany this plethora of acts. A strain that will give you positive feelings about feeling your feelings, and is found in most places. Just like the feelings of sensitive white boys.

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Some Other Artists You May Have Heard Of…

Sub Pop may be an indie darling but it has also been the incubator to some major artists who were launched in the label’s inception and now some established acts that have decided to call them home.

Currently, you can hear Sleater Kinney and Hot Snakes on the label where this guy Kurt Cobain (see sensitive white boys, above) once invited you to feel his Love Buzz. Oh, and while you’re exploring the archives you might dig a band called Soundgarden, too?

Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa superstar strain that focuses creativity. It’s the smokable you’re looking for when you want to take on hours of rock history in a blissful single sitting.

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If you’re in Seattle this weekend (Aug 10-11, 2018), better get out there to enjoy Sub Pop’s free 30th anniversary celebration! From Sub Pop: TO CELEBRATE 30 YEARS OF RELEASING SOMEWHAT WELL-REGARDED RECORDS, CDS AND TAPES, SUB POP RECORDS IS HOSTING AN ENTIRELY FREE EVENT WE’VE TAKEN TO CALLING SPF30.

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