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The Best of the Best Adult-Use Cannabis in Massachusetts

It’s been less than four months since the first legal adult-use cannabis sale in Massachusetts. Since the initial two stores opened in November, seven more adult-use shops have opened across the state, with five more slated to open in the coming few months. Even the Boston area is expected to see its first shop open within weeks.

Calling ahead or visit a store’s online menu if your heart is set on a specific strain.

It’s been a slow rollout for the newly legal industry. But as the number of operating businesses finally begins to ramp up, Massachusetts cannabis consumers—as well as visitors from neighboring states—face an increasingly dizzying array of choices.

The last few months have given us some time to track down some of our favorite strains across the state—as well as where to find them.

Looking for Cannabis in the Bay State?

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Verilife (Wareham) $45 for 3.5 grams of flower

INSA (Easthampton) $15 for a 1-gram pre-roll

This super popular hybrid strain is perfect for daytime. It truly lives up to its name, offering effects that flow from gentle euphoria to almost overwhelming happiness. You can find this strain either in flower form (excellent for using with a vape!) or as pre-rolls in two at least two in-state dispensaries. Why not make a day of it and do a little taste test to see which store sells your favorite?

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Sour Tsunami

Northeast Alternatives (Fall River) $15 for 1 gram of flower

Sour Tsunami, a mild strain that strikes a balance between THC and CBD, is one of my personal favorites, so I love that I can find it here in Massachusetts. It’s a strain I commonly introduce to folks who are new to cannabis and curious about where to start. It’s gentler than more potent, THC-forward strains, and at $15 for a gram, it’s an affordable investment when trying to nail down your favorite strains.

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Citrus Sap

Theory Wellness (Great Barrington) $18 for 1 gram of flower

This tasty strain combines two crowd favorites: Original Glue (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) and Tangie. The result is a sweet flavor and wonderful cerebral high that consumers say leaves them feeling relaxed. The pungent citrus flavor and scent envelops you as you feel happier and more present than before.

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Shark Shock

INSA (Easthampton) $50 for 3.5 grams of flower

Theory Wellness (Great Barrington) $32 for ½ gram of shatter

Shark Shock is a newfound strain for me, but it’s already become one of my favorites. It is a high-CBD strain but still has a decent amount of THC. As a medical patient, I’ve found it works best for when I wake up in the middle of the night and need something to quickly and quietly send me back to dreamland. I vape it as a concentrate that I pick up at INSA, but I love that it’s available in a variety of forms across the state, from flower in Easthampton to delicious shatter at Theory Wellness in Great Barrington.

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Buddha’s Sister

NETA (Northampton) $60 for 1 gram of shatter

Buddha’s Sister is one of my favorite nighttime strains, and it continues to occasionally show up at shops across the state. This super relaxing strain also provides a jolt of creativity—and on occasion, sensuality!—making it a great strain to get weird with before bedtime. At the moment, it’s available in concentrated shatter form in Northampton, but keep your eyes peeled, as it’s often sold in flower form at various dispensaries.

Know Before You Go

Shoppers during the first few months of legal sales regularly encountered long lines, both due to the novelty of legal sales and the small number of open stores. For the most part things have mellowed out, though you’ll still have to wait in lines at some shops. Adult-use lines at NETA in Northampton—one of the first dispensaries to sell adult-use cannabis—still stretch out the door for during evenings and weekends, though things move along at a decent pace. Only a few miles down the road, however, Easthampton’s INSA rarely sees lines that leave the building.

Shopping for Adult-Use Cannabis in Massachusetts

There have also been some setbacks. In Salem, for example, Alternative Therapies Group, which began adult-use sales by appointment beginning in December, has ceased adult-use sales until further notice.

Also, while the state has imposed limits on retail sales, some dispensaries have set even stricter purchase limits due to limited inventory. We recommend calling ahead or visiting a store’s online menu if your heart is set on a specific strain or item.

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